Ecuador: Diego Gallardo was killed by a stray bullet amid a wave of violence in Ecuador.

An Ecuadorian artist is about to pick up his son from school. The event was complete Security crisis affecting the streets In Guayaquil.

A tragedy happened Ecuador In the middle of an exception state. Singer Diego GallardoBetter known as Gulf Air, was killed by a stray bullet while picking up his son from school on Avenida del Bombero in Guayaquil last Tuesday. Everything happened in the context of A wave of violence It rules the streets of a neighboring country, where an armed group even took over a television channel TC.

The artist started his career in 2018 Pitahaya is a woman It is characterized by its folk style, combining traditional music with contemporary sounds. Discrimination, social injustice and inequality are the themes he addressed in his hits.

death Diego Gallardo Inside Ecuador This caused shock among his fans and the person who confirmed his death was Miguel Ángel Lure, president of Ecuador's professional football league and a well-known sports presenter. “Dieguito Gallardo died from a stray bullet. He was going to pick up his son from school. A first class young man, musician, father, husband, son, brother, grandson, all first class. My wife's cousin, my cousin what a shame “ruined family” He announced on social networks.

The Singer's death Ecuador's music industry has caused quite a stir. His friends, colleagues and followers have taken to social media to express their pain and grief. His cousin Viviana also bid him farewell: “My cousin died because of these sons of ***. We are in shock. We can't believe it. What pain. It's not fair.”

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Alejandro Sanz sends his support to Ecuador

Faced with this critical situation, Alejandro Sanz decided to send a message of solidarity to Ecuador, expressing his regret for the acts of violence and sending encouragement to Ecuadorian citizens who have been victimized by criminal organizations.

“I am very sorry for what happened Ecuador Sending you my love and encouragement for the people of Ecuador from afar. Violence is not a symptom, it is a disease. All strength and love for good people,” he wrote on his official X account (Ex Twitter).

Likewise, various users commented on Alejandro Sanz's post. “Strength of heart wins”, “Thank you for the words and thank you always for your music”, “We join you in your request, Alejandro”, “Thank you for always knowing everything that happens to us”, “We will listen to your music to get through these bitter moments,” some of the messages.

What is happening in Ecuador?

armed men They broke the facilities TC TelevisionIn In GuayaquilIn full live coverage of Ecuadorian media.

In the footage, a masked group can be seen entering the canal and threatening the workers, who were forced to lie down on the ground. The strangers, whose faces were covered by masks and balaclavas, carried not only guns, but ExplosivesLike grenades and dynamite.

These subjects did not hesitate to show the explosives to the cameras during the broadcast TC Television. The Ecuadorian police, with the intervention of the TC TV studio, entered the media to capture armed criminals and reported through their social networks that the workers were under threat of death.

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