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The children’s series, created with 3D animation techniques, tells the adventures of Mateo, a street dog who wants to be an astronaut. With 13 11-minute episodes, the first season premiered this Saturday, November 4.

Saturday, November 4, 2023 17:05 hrs.

With a hobby First season of 13 episodes The children’s series “Perrito Galactico” on the screens of the UChileTV channel began this Saturday, November 4 at 4:00 pm.

A national production project in 3D animation technique, which blends imagination and science, Seeks to encourage girls and boys Discover the wonderful place And to be interested in astronomy.

Chile is considered World Capital of Astronomy, due to the large installed capacity of instruments and observatories, its dry and clear skies in the north of the territory and the large number of professionals trained in our country. Based on this, George Ovanto, one of its directors said, “For Chile today, astronomy is very important. It is a science with infinite potential and scope for growth, and it is imperative that the country’s children engage in this field of knowledge in an entertaining and engaging way.”

Animated series "Star dog".

Animated series “Galactic Dog”.

That’s what you want to do. The bravest crew of the seriesWhere The adventures are led by a spirited street quilter dog Named Mateo, his dream is to become an astronaut, and he trains hard with Ami, his best friend and robotic travel companion, with a sophisticated AI (artificial intelligence) and intense personality.

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During the growing season The crew will have new friends and vicious enemiesThroughout the development of the story the characters become deeply recognizable, and come to life in funny and wonderful performances Voices of famous national actors as Bastian BodenhoferAlessandra Curzoni, who plays the evil alien 0930, voices the sweet and demonic Laika, and Diego CasanuevaThe enigmatic and dark Doctor Max.

In chapters They will travel in spacePlaces such as the Oort Cloud, Jupiter’s moon Europa, Mars, and Venus, among others, can witness spectacular events such as supernova explosions or the birth of a comet.

Cesar CabezasThe director and producer said, “There has never been a series made in Chile using the 3D animation technique of this visual quality, which includes astronomy as the main theme, and which is very visually appealing and helps to show more scale. Even closer, we think these places look like in space.”

13 episodes of 11 minutes eachThe first season premiered this Saturday, November 4, on the screens of the UChileTV channel throughout the national network, Signal 11.2 metropolitan area and the digital signal www.uchiletv.cl.

The series was sponsored by the Council of National Television -CNTV- and in addition, Received scientific support from MAS’s Millennium Institute of AstrophysicsAstronomer Alvaro Rojas Arriagata is the consultant, and is produced by Chilean production company Gekkonimacion.

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