The world of science fiction is firmly rooted in the city

“That’s how it is strategic than chess or poker”, “a Antidepressants Effectively” or “a hobby that not everyone knows how to play” are words used by a community ‘rarely’ Describe your favorite pastime; Although it is connected to the idea of ​​strategy and infinite moves, it has little to do with chess. These are fantasy card games or sci-fi series like Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic or Pokemon, whose main place is now established in the city.

Giancarlo Esposito, the actor behind Gus Fring, came to Comic Con Ecuador

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It is one of the communities’pranksWarn the same soldiers who are in the city; They are happy to see how the groups are growing and, among other things, getting a place to facilitate coexistence.

heroismThere are buyers who don’t play with these cards and sell them at higher prices when they stop producing.

In 2005 and 2008, it wasn’t as common as it is now to see young people congregating in shopping centers like Mall del Sol and San Marino to play with their decks, exchange cards, and shop. to sell These items cost between 3.50 and 25 dollars, or even more (sometimes costing 100 dollars for a single, due to the rarity and strength that is reflected in the game). Now groups, teenagers and young adults, will multiply.

They play in the same places, but in public parks or in their castles; Outside schools, outside class time; and in specialized institutions Sale and collection of these games.

National Yukio

294 players competed to determine the National Champion of YuGiOh! 2022

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Places like KensPlace and Duelist Place in the center of the city and Battle Tower in the north are the best examples. visited.

“We started as a small group in the War Tower, which fought in the administrators’ house. Six years later, we moved to our campus in Samanes, and after that visits and community. Will continue to grow”, highlights Alfonso Lopez, one of the executives.

“I came into this world not because of the Yu-Gi-Oh series, but because of a classmate who bought these cards in second grade. Both followed him, so I bought mine, and so we began. He left it, but I was very impressed. Now it took more than 10 years I’m not sorry”, Ismail Moscoso, 24 years old; who is outstanding every timetools‘To get them.

This pastime is anti-stress. It relaxes me and clears my mind. Playing online or with local friends is enough to ‘cure’ my mind.

Jean-Pierre Rodriguez, citizen

“Covers are cheap, but I’ve invested Over $3,000 In just two card games in the last four years,” says Miguel Arteaga, 26. Fans of these and other games admit to investing similar amounts.

One of the most played card games Activists joins, to perform skills National and international Yu-G-O from the Japanese company Konami.

But how does this compare to games like poker or chess? Well, these compile a series of rules and cards that have a specific function; This, according to the people of Guayaquil, motivated them to be even more Analysis Apply logic even in everyday scenarios.

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“There are many different types of cards, each with a function. It’s not just about placing cards for the sake of it, you have to think through every move because your opponent might have‘ For a move you make another for the next, and so on until I hit you. That’s why many of us compare it to chess and poker, because when you take a ‘hand’ from your deck, you don’t know what you’re getting and you have to make sure they don’t read your next one. Movement”, Mario Arellano, 19 years old, and player.

Fans agree with the take Surprise Guayaquil has opened up to these destinations and already has people aiming to attract tourists. “Comic Con has done that. I think it’s fascinating what the city can be in the future refugio All the lovers of these sports in the region. A conference can be held on the boardwalk or on Calle Panama or in the green areas of Espol. Thinking about it Exciting. “It’s definitely going to be a barrier for them to come and go to the main port,” said 23-year-old Douglas Alban.

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