A new technology is coming that will change everything

Electric bikes may disappear because a New technology Impulse that can Change them Because it is more environmental, easy to recharge and more resistant. about this HydrogenAn alternative that offers high-performance models and, above all, good autonomy.

This technology is already used in trains and planes and soon in cars, so it’s only logical that it will reach bicycles as well. One of the advantages of this technology is that it allows Durable vehicles That They recharge quickly.

In comparison, like bikes Elopes 920E At an average range of 70 km, it takes Five hours To recharge from 0 to 100%, at the same time Wufi MThe Pragma Mobility hydrogen trike has a range of 100 km and recharges In two minutes.

That’s another big advantage of hydrogen Very environmental; Here, only a little water will emerge from your bike. To recharge it, replace it Hydrogen capsule It provides it with energy and you can easily refill it at home Electrolytic Vol.

In China There are already bicycles with hydrogen propulsion and some French companies Pragma IndustriesThey are already in the process of taking them back to their country. For China, bikes are being shared thanks to a startup Yoon and located in major cities such as Shanghai and Changzhou. Those bikes have an impressive range 70 km And a speed 23 km per hour.

Yun brand hydrogen Chinese bike

But models are already being prepared to the public Generally and that model that is rented in China Y600can be sold at a price of 9,288 yuanI mean, around 23,421 cents With a device that allows you to recharge.

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