Sports University: “It does not comply with the grounds for expulsion”: the former director of referees of the AFA ruled in the case of Nelson Cabanilas | Soccer-Peruvian

Last Sunday, University In matchday 2 of the opening match, Alianza lost 3-1 against Atlético. They were not embarrassed just because they lost their 12-game unbeaten streak in the ‘Jorge Fossati era’ or somehow got away from their goal of winning their first tournament of the year, but because of the performance of referee Augusto Menendez. Creams were left with eight players after the relegation Nelson Cabanilas, Alto Corso and Rodrigo Urena. However, what worried more than one in the Merengue organization was the red card for the side – the left midfielder.

Under what circumstances did this action take place? Nelson Cabanilas He directed a cross and the service to Augusto Menendez was not well served; Later, he demanded that the proceedings of the “Gale” determination be resumed. From that detail, the story becomes clear: the head judge gives the merengue player a red card after he claps.

Miguel Scime, a FIFA consultant and former member of the CONMEBOL refereeing commission, used his social networks to comment on what happened at the Campeones del 36 stadium. Peruvian FIFA referee Augusto Menendez sent off the Universitario de Deportes player in a Ligue 1 match for the gesture. If it was just for applause, it wouldn’t be grounds for sending off under the rules.A former member of the CONMEBOL Commission said on his social networks.

A few hours later, he revealed it on RBP “If it was just clapping, it would only be punished with a yellow card. If the referee’s figure had a very offensive or insulting expression or gesture, it would have been a red. But I didn’t see it.”

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The annoyance of Jean Ferrari

Sports University They recorded their first defeat of the ‘Jorge Fossati era’ after 12 unbeaten games (four for the Copa Sudamericana) and the blow is hard as they somehow keep moving away from the objective: to reach the Apertura competition. Alianza Atlético executed a 3-1 win in the Campeones del 36 at Sullana. Although ‘Vendaval’ was again strong in Chullana oven, there were additional circumstances – for the creams- that determined the course of the game; For example, the expulsions of Nelson Cabanillas, Aldo Corso and Rodrigo Urena. What did Jean Ferrari have to say about this?

The club executive was blunt when referring to what happened in the ‘Creams’ last game on Day 2 of the opening match. “I have been in football for almost 30 years and it was the first time I saw a player sent off for clapping (in the case of Nelson Cabanilas). That certainly casts doubt on how the game was already presented“, said the manager upon arrival in Lima (See all his statements here)

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