A summit that combines sustainability, innovation and technology, ClimateTech is coming

The event will be held today, Wednesday. It acts as a meeting point between the public and private sectors. Its objective is to develop technologies related to environmental protection. Mitigating the effects of climate change is another major objective.

Posadas will conduct the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development policies within the province ClimatetechAn event that brings together public and private sectors to address solutions Innovation, technology and sustainability. The same thing happens Wednesday 17th Januaryes Open to all public And start immediately 6pm, City Park.

Posadas, a confluence platform for sustainable development

In this regard, it was said Tourism and Economic Development Secretary Diego CarmonaAppreciating this initiative, “It shows the importance that the municipality wants to give to everything that has to do with new technologies, the knowledge economy and, in this case, its connection with the search, as a continuation of the policies of the province. To mitigate climate change.”

On the other hand, he pointed out the importance of the strategic location of the meeting because, in his opinion, “Posadas is a confluence site that has its growth and represents an interesting result in terms of job creation and added value for the municipality”He explained.

In the continuation of his statements, Carlos Vigo, General Director of Innovation and Knowledge Economy, emphasized the option. “Integrating Innovation and Technologies to Address Climate Change”. As such, our province is a custodian of immense biodiversity, he said.

Voices that exist

So, he adhered to it “Many businessmen have their eyes on missions to see what the impact of these climate technologies will be on local development.”. Vigo also noted that the Minister of Climate Change, Gervasio Malagrida, the Secretary of Energy, Paolo Quintana, representatives of the Silicon Missions biotech artery, and Dr. Leonardo Villafane, on behalf of the Council of the Judiciary, will participate.

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From the private sector, he expected the second module of the event to have Santiago Bermúdez and Sebastian Heredia to talk about the impact of these policies at the local level. Finally, Secretary Diego Carmona will have a presentation to explain how they will affect the development of the city.

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