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Lima Alliance Tonight will be its official presentation in front of its so-called fans 'Blue and White Night' Also, a few hours after the event, at the Alejandro Villanueva stadium facilities, he showed off his alternate uniform for the 2024 season.

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La Victoria chose a dark green color with gold edges. Hernan Bargos, Brian Reyna and Franco Janelato donned the apparel by Nike.

The color green represents a connection to Italy, as one of its founders had Italian ancestry and made the team's first uniforms for his sisters, who made it green in honor of their ancestry.

“I'm happy to wear the Nike and Alianza Lima shirt again and I hope to bring joy to the fans. This shirt comes with goals,” said Hernán Barcos at the presentation of the shirt.

Unlike 2023 which had an alternate navy blue uniform with gold trim, this time it returns to a historic color for coalition members: green.

Alianza meets Colombia's Ones Caldas this Monday in Matute.

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Tickets are sold out in a few hours and a party atmosphere is expected at La Victoria. Doors will open at 4:00pm and the match will start at 9:00pm, the insider said.

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