A university student wonders and signs the former Alianza man thinking about the national title

in the box University He has ambitions of lifting a national title again and for this he has looked at the former organs of Compader in the market.

The University will be strengthened with the former of Alianza Lima to reach the national title | GLR

The Universitario de Deportes has set itself the goal of 2023 to compete at the highest level in the various sports that participate. In fact, recently the company got promoted National High Volleyball LeagueSo, now the club is focusing on strengthening its squad.

Justice for Universitario, as reported by Volleyball Player Coraima Gómez will sign with the Cream team He will sign his contract in the next few days.

He will continue at Koraima Sports University.

Coraima has stood out with Universitario in the fight for promotion and the student body feels the volleyball player’s experience will be key to the challenge.

Who is Coraima Gomez?

Coarima Gómez was born on August 9, 1996. He stands out on offense, but started in the middle. As the volleyball player recounted, her love for the game began when she was 10 years old.

He stood out at Alianza Lima and was called up by the Peruvian team in the youth divisions. He shone with two colors in the U-20 World Cup in 2015.

Coraima Gomez has left Alianza Lima

He was one of the leaders of Alianza Lima, but in May 2018 he suffered a complicated knee injury that required surgery.

The blue and white doctor indicated that Koraima would not be able to play, and when he tried to train at Matute, he was told he had left the club.

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In 2019 he played for Jamsa and won the national title. But a knee injury forced him to stop in 2021. In October 2022, they informed him that they no longer wanted his services.

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