2023 Peru Cup Results: What the Schedule Will Look Like After National Arena Date 1 | Answers

After marathon days of playing from the district stage, The Peru Cup 2023 has officially opened the path to direct promotion to League 2, with only the top 4 teams in the finals awarded the prize. National stage. Each of the 50 qualifiers for the knockout stages will face each other in regional matches until the semi-finalists are defined. After the matches scheduled and played valid for the date 1 of the last match of the year in “men’s football”, we will tell you how the standings go, who leads it and how direct access to the second division will be determined.

How will the standings of the national stage of the Peru Cup go after the 1st date controversy?

Exactly 50 teams from department level Peru Cup 2023Long to get promoted to League 2. Phase 1 oh Zone crossing phase Who planned it? Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) by the Amateur Football Sub-Committee.

Around the end of August 2022, The Officially announced some changes to the structure of professional and structural competitions, including amateur competition, and decided that the reforms would now allow clubs to promote “men’s football” directly. Liga 2.

Taking into account the new classification system and the rise of 4 teams Peru Cup Starting this year, starting in the first week of September, the format of the tournament was limited to 6 days of play among the departmental 50, which is why the first 25 eliminatory duels were scheduled with the Calidad Portena del Callao. Win the opening game.

Post-Dispute Position Date 1 from Zone crossing phase At the end of this note no team has yet been ranked first or last, and the following days are played consecutively according to the list of times. FPF:

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Peru Cup 2023 National Stage 1 Date 1 Scheduling

Saturday, September 16

  • Portena Grade 2-1 Lolo Fernandez

Sunday, September 17

  • FC San Marcos vs Deportivo Maristas / Time 12.15 pm

Rosas Bomba de Huarez Stadium

  • Game Hurricanes vs Youth Palmeiras / Time 1 pm

Kanda Municipal Stadium

  • Atlético Hospital vs Nuevo Union Tarapoto / Time 1 p.m

Kontamana Municipal Stadium

  • Miguel Grau vs Vraem FC / Time 3 pm

Estadio Monumento de Cantepamba

  • National FBC vs Defender Dagna / Time 3 PM

Juan Carlos Oblitas Stadium in Molendo

  • Sport Catchers vs Municipal Fish / Time 3 pm

Cumana City Stadium in Ayacucho

  • Independiente Huachog vs Municipal de Tournavista / Time 3 p.m

Heraklio Tapia Stadium in Huanuco

  • FC La Masía Nace vs Defensor Cubillas / Time 3pm

Porto Maldonado IPD Stadium

  • Hijos del Altiplano vs Diablos Rojos (Juliaca) / Time 3 p.m

Mariscal Nieto Stadium in Iloilo

  • Union Angels Wiscachani vs FBC Aurora / Time 3 p.m

Guillermo Briseno Stadium in Juliaca

  • EGB Tacna Heroic vs UCV Moquegua / Time 3 pm

Joel Gutierrez Stadium in Gregorio Albarracin

  • Pacific Renewal vs La Joya Youth / Time 3 p.m

Mariscal Cáceres Stadium in Tumbes

  • Inter FC vs Pedro Del Castillo Ex 160 / Time 3 pm

Aliardo Soria Perez Stadium in Bucalpa

  • Atlético Juventud Inclan vs Real Atlético Nueva / Time 3pm

Thomas E. Paine de Calca Stadium

  • Ecosem Pasco vs Castle FC / Hora 3.15pm

Daniel Alcides Carrion Stadium in Cerro de Pasco

  • ADA vs Municipal of Jasan / Time 3.30 pm

Victor Montoya Segura Stadium in John

  • Deportivo Viani vs Atletico Sanchamayo / Time 3.30 pm

Huancavelica IPD Stadium

  • Alianza Pisco vs Diablos Rojos (Huancavelica) / Time 3.30pm
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Teobalto Pinillos Stadium in Pisco

  • CESA vs Shooting Society 28 / Time 3.30 pm

Mariscal Castilla Stadium in El Tambo

  • Tahuishco Sports Association vs Alfonso Ugarte de Ciclin / Time 3.30 pm

Moyobamba IBD Stadium

  • Olympia FC vs Sport Boca Juniors La Sousa / Time 3.30 pm

La Union Stadium in Peura

  • Defender Borvenir vs Star Ancash / Time 3.45 pm

Casagrande Municipal Stadium

  • John Paul II College vs Christ the King Academy / Time 4 p.m

Songoyabe Youth Arena

Wednesday, September 20

  • Union Santo Domingo vs FC Cajamarca / Time 3.30 pm

Guelph Field in Chachaboes

Basics Peru Cup 2023 Express and condition that this day will be the first of 6 National stage Between the 32 departmental groups specially placed in the single table of posts will be officially contested till the 2nd stage.

What will be the national stage format for the 2023 Peru Cup and how will promotion directly to Ligue 2 be determined?

Path to promotion to League 2 Peru Cup 2023Date 1 started with controversy Zone crossing phase from National stage Play will not stop until the second week of December, in which the 24 departments and the constitutional province of Gallo will know if their representatives have received the long-awaited award and in 2024 they will play in the second division of professional football. .

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According to the created pattern This season, and after 32 of the 50 participating teams have reached their respective spots, the 32nd round will begin with a contest of 2 dates decided on its basis. Unique Table of PostsAnd until reaching the semi-finals.

As mentioned in Section 20 of the Rules Peru Cup 2023,”The national champion, sub-champion, third and fourth national level of the Peru Cup 2023 edition will be directly promoted to Ligue 2 of professional soccer.“, the eliminated clubs, i.e., the remaining 46 must adapt to the following rule:

– 5th to 8th place will return to play the departmental stage as another provincial champion.

– 9th to 16th place will return to play another district champion in the provincial arena.

– From 17th to 50th place they will return to their league appearance

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