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The shocking story of Argentinian traveler Gianni Cersosimo who lived through a terrifying experience in India. It went viral on TikTok, creating a wave of alarm for tourists visiting the country. His detailed account exposes the hidden dangers of exotic destinations.

In his videos he usually shows dreamy landscapes and talks about ways to save while traveling, in one of his latest releases He warned us what not to do when traveling to IndiaA country located in the southern part of the Asian continent, where he arrived in the company of three friends.

“Don’t do these things if you don’t want to be in danger”Started by saying on TikTok, the video went viral with over 3 million views.

First, he pointed out, one should refrain ‘couchsurfing’ A method of providing accommodation to people traveling alone, to a foreign country.

“We were ‘couchsurfing’ at an ashram (meditation retreat) and a man wanted to sleep with the four of us when he had several free rooms.”He recalled.

No woman should be alone at a party in India.

Recommended Yes or Yes Pay for accommodation before travellingCancellation of arrival may result in cancellation of reservation at any time.

On the other hand, he asked No woman walks alone During festivals like New Year or ‘Holi’, “everyone is human” and “they can become very abusive and violent.” “Me and me on New Year’s and ‘Holi’ both of my friends looked for us”he added.

Lastly, he suggested taking the first class service when traveling by train as more people use that form of transport.

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Gianni’s clip created a lot of reactions among netizens. While some criticized his decision to travel to India, others said they would never go there.

“better fare to another safe place”; “Thanks for this video, it made me want to never go again. I don’t even have money”; “When I was 15 years old, it was my dream to go, at 29 I went, it’s a country I’m never coming back”; “Scary” ; “What a desire to suffer,” people wrote.

India is a dangerous country for women

The country is the fourth most dangerous country for women in the world due to evidence of violence and practices such as prostitution. Indian women suffer from discrimination and their freedom is violated on a daily basis.

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