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Air Force Member America He set himself on fire in front of the embassy on Monday and died in hospital Israel Inside Washington Sunday as a protest against the war between the country HamasOne of the organization's spokespersons, Rose M. Riley confirmed to the media.

The Memphis Police He confirmed that he was the victim Aaron BushnellA US soldier, 25 years old, on active duty, a native Saint Anthony (Texas) and dedicated to airline services Air ForceAn organization belonging to the US Armed Forces.

As can be seen in a video posted on social networks, the man in military uniform was doused with flammable liquid and engulfed in flames while shouting “”.Free Palestine” in the central neighborhood of the US capital, in front of the diplomatic corps.

“I am an active member Air Force And I will no longer be complicit in genocide.”Mentioned the man in the video, in which he also hinted that he wanted to get back to a guy “Radical Resistance” Against the Gaza conflict that began on October 7.

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Law enforcement officers immediately responded to the scene and transported Bushnell to a local hospital with injuries.Reviews“, Washington Metropolitan Police confirmed in a statement.

The Air Force confirmed that someone from a branch of the armed forces was involved in the incident, but did not provide further details, adding that an explosives unit was deployed to examine the suspicious car, which ultimately did not pose a threat.

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The Israeli embassy confirmed that no staff were injured.

Protests against Israel's response to Hamas' October 7 attack on its territory have spread across the United States, with widespread calls for a “ceasefire” as large numbers of civilians have been affected by Israel's military operations in Gaza.

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