Expo Foro Mobilidad 2024, an innovation and technology exhibition

National Chamber of Passenger and Tourist Motor Transport (Cannabut), is ready to celebrate the most important party in the sector: Expo Foro Movilidad 2024.

The meeting will take place tomorrow, the 28th, Thursday, February 29 and Friday, March 1 at Expo Santa Fe in Mexico City.

A gathering of bus manufacturers and suppliers from the sector's supply chain will present innovations and new technologies to raise the quality of passenger transportation in Mexico.

The 2024 Mobility Forum Expo will have more than 26,000 square meters of exhibition space and more than 120 exhibitors. Around 17 thousand visitors are expected.

The main exhibits are Mercedes-Benz buses; Mercedes-Benz vans; Scania; Volkswagen trucks and buses; MAN Mexico; Volvo Buses; Cummins Mexico and FOTON.

Elim Luviano Heredia, Managing Director of CANAPAT, noted that Expo Foro Movilidad 2024 will be a stage for new shipbuilders looking for a place in the Mexican market, as well as for providers of products and services for new mobility trends.

The most appropriate exhibition for passenger and tourist motor transport will take place when the sector is still on track to achieve full recovery after the ravages created by the pandemic, such as capacity loss.

According to Elim Luviano, the first semester of 2023 had major challenges such as hidden risks due to inflation; Insecurity and increase in fuel cost.

“However, all Chamber members agree that 2023 represents a great year of recovery in which we are able to improve mobility for all Mexicans.”

Expo Foro Mobilidad 2024, an innovation and technology exhibition

CANAPAT unites passenger transport service providers, suburban and urban service providers derived from the federal motor transport of tourists and its change of laws.

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“Currently, we have more than 650 members and more than 50,000 vehicles,” he explained.

Additionally, the company's partners are committed to continuously renewing their respective fleets.

“There is a vehicle age limit in the passenger category, which is 15 years. All our members are determined not to cross that age. So, on average, our fleet is between seven and nine years old,” emphasizes Luviano Heredia.

In this edition, Expo Forum will share its best practices with BusWorld.

According to Elim Luviano, this is a mutual cooperation agreement and some of its representatives will participate in a series of conferences that will include thematic tables on the role of women in the field of electromobility and passenger transport.

Also, there will be a financial analysis team, “a fundamental issue to define how we can work hand in hand with the authorities and the development bank to promote the renewal of equipment.”

Road safety continues to be a major challenge for passenger and tourist motor transport, which is why CANAPAT believes that this issue will be high on the agenda in the next election campaigns.

Meanwhile, the organization participates in strategies with other agencies to generate robbery reports, such as the Operativo Escalón and the Immediate Alert Line Against Attacks (LAICA).

Expo Foro Movilidad 2024 will provide a general overview of this topic, as motor transport is an essential component of Mexico's economy.

CANAPAT's Managing Director Elim Luviano concludes: “96% of people who travel from one point to another use our services; with this responsibility and this mission, we are going hand in hand with technological advances, with a commitment to provide more secure services that protect and maintain the environment.

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