According to UNAM, this is how scientists see extraterrestrial life

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It is possible Life exists in space Although a lot of research has been done, it's a topic that always gives something to talk about. There is no scientific answer to prove it yet.. But how do scientists search for life in space?

Here at Heraldo Binario we are eager to inform you, and that is why Here's what UNAM has to say about living in space.

How do scientists search for life in space?

According to the analysis prepared National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)for Explore the possibility of extraterrestrial life 3 methods are used:

  • The first method refers to the search for microbial life in different celestial bodies; Like moons, asteroids, comets and planets. In particular, the Moon, Mars, Venus and some asteroids are studied here.
  • The second time internal search, which has allowed us to find more than 5 thousand exoplanets, which are worlds beyond our solar system.
  • A third method is to detect radio signals from in spaceBecause the hypothesis states that a sufficiently advanced civilization would emit waves detectable by radio telescopes.

We often think that if we find extraterrestrial life on other worlds, we will find beings like ourselves. However, the diversity of organisms that exist on our planet ranges from bacteria, plants, fungi and mammals. So the search for extraterrestrial life does not just mean intelligent life,” explains the UNAM analysis.

Unfortunately not yet No evidence of life in space has been foundBut this does not mean that it is not.

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