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In the former Game boys Y Carcilazo After two defeats in the first two days of the 2024 Apertura tournament, they come into the match at Miguel Graville with zero points. League 1 I bet you. Both teams were forced to win their first three points. Along with his fans, it was the 'Misilera' who took pride in Gallo thanks to goals from Pablo Bueno and Fabrizio Roca. With this, he left the last places and climbed to the eleventh place and made a record; While 'Garci' stayed down Position Schedule. Great moments of dedication in this Deborah note.

Having lost to Sporting Huancayo and Sporting Cristal, Salahço did not want to drop points again and came out determined to defeat their rival. The Cuzco team backed off and defended with strong footwork. There wasn't much emotion in the first twenty minutes, but everything changed in the 28' when Ecuador's Luis Caicedo committed a serious foul and saw a straight red card. Carcilazo was left with ten players.

With the difference in numbers, the Sport Boys went in search of a goal and quickly found it: in the 34', Uruguay's Cristian Tesera capitalized on a poor start by goalkeeper Diego Benny to put Argentina's Pablo Bueno into action. The goal made it 1-0. As a result, both teams went to the break.

In the second half, coach Gerardo made changes to Amelie Carcilazo: Erik Perlech and Renny Simistera were replaced by Eric Canales and Alexi Gomes. 'Missilera' began to struggle not knowing how to use the extra man. Fernando Gamboa sent Fabrizio Roca into the field in place of Bueno to take advantage of the places left by Wijaya.

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In the end, a penalty was awarded in favor of the Sport Boys, and something rarely seen happened: Roca finished the penalty three times. The first two involved an invasion of the area by Garcilaso's soldiers. Already in the third, the 'Pink' forward scored to seal the final 2-0, and with it his side moved off the bottom of the table. Now he must think about his next challenge, which will be in Cusco.

After the match at Miguel Gra, the Sports Boys will play the fourth leg of the 2024 Apertura tournament next week when they visit Cienciano at the Inca Carcilazo de la Vega Stadium. The match is scheduled to take place on Sunday, February 18. From 5:00 pm (Peruvian time). 'Papa' comes into this clash after a 2-2 draw with Sporting Crystal in Cusco.

Deportivo Garcilaso, for its part, will be back in action next week when they face Cusco FC on date 4 of the 2024 Apertura Tournament of Ligue 1 Te Apuesta. The match kicks off at 6:00pm (Peruvian time) on Saturday, February 17 at the Inca Carcilazo de la Vega Stadium. The 'golden' box contains 5 points on the table; 'Garsi' has zero points.

Sport Boys vs. Carcilazo: Summary of the match

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Sports Boys Vs. Carcilazo: Minute by minute

Sport Boys vs. Carcilazo: Match preview

Sport Boys come into this match after a 3-1 defeat at the hands of Sporting Cristal in a clash related to Date 2 of the 2024 Apertura tournament of Ligue 1 Te Apuesta. Rimenses were very good and won thanks to goals from Martín Cauteruccio (2) and Gustavo Cazonatti, while Pablo Bueno scored a goal for 'Misilera'.

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The 'Pinks' showed a lot of aggression in the filler phase and perhaps if they were a little more calm, they could have pulled off an epic draw against the 'Celestes'. Fernando Gamboa's side have accumulated two defeats in a row as they previously lost 1-0 away to Sport Huancayo in the 'Incontrastable', so this crossing with Deportivo Carcilazó will be crucial. Stagnation in stages.

After the final whistle, Pablo Bueno spoke to the Liga 1 Max cameras and regretted having wasted a chance to score at home. “The final feeling was different, but we lost. We cannot lose at home. Cannot be given the first time. We have to play every game like the second half, but the whole game we have nothing left. Fix the doors inside as there is no other way and win the next game“, under control.

I think it wasn't a lack of attitude because we had it. I think it was disorganized, we were a divided team. Because we were so active, we got confused, and I think that's where the fault lies.“, he added, emphasizing the disorganization that Sport Boys had for most of the match, which Sporting Crystal used well to secure the three points in Gallo.

Deportivo Carcilazo, for its part, comes into this match after a 2-0 defeat against Sport Huancayo. A double century from Lucas Cano kept Rojo Matador at home, denying Rico Garci the win for Cusco. Cusco did not have a good time as they lost 1-0 at the hands of UTC in Cajabamba earlier. So let's see if Gerardo Amelie can reverse this negative trend in his team at the start of the championship.

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Which channel to watch Sport Boys Vs. Carcila?

competition between Game boys Y Deportivo Carcilazo It will be played at the Miguel Grau Stadium and broadcast throughout Peru on the exclusive GOLPERU signal, available on channels 14 and 714 of the Movistar grid. Streaming Through the Movistar TV app. Remember that this meeting can be live minute by minute on the website Testify.

At what time Sport Boys Vs. Carcila?

competition between Game boys Y Deportivo Carcilazo Scheduled from this Sunday, February 11 4:00 p.m According to the table Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. In Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile Y Brazil The fight will begin 6:00 PM, Inside Venezuela Y Bolivia at 5:00 PM, Inside Mexico at 3:00 PM, Meanwhile inside Spain at 10:00 p.m

Where is Sport Boys vs. Carcila?

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