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A Peruvian TikToker has revealed via TikTok How much can actors earn from participating in a successful national series? “There’s room below” and “Moonlight”. These television productions managed to capture the attention of the public and garner high ratings due to the excellent work of their actors and the captivating stories of their characters.

Carole RodriguezKnown as the “Neighborhood actress” on the Chinese stage, Michelle Alexander was invited to be a part of the second season of the series and decided to share with her supporters some details about the remuneration of the artists.

TikTok reveals how much the actors of the national series earn

He revealed that in his video AdditionalAppears in non-dialogue scenes They earn approximately S/ 40 per dayIn addition to getting lunch.

Drom | TikTok reveals how much national actors earn

As for accompanying roles Sporadic appearances; That is, those who participate in one or two episodes of the series, It is estimated that they can earn S/ 300 per registration day, also the benefit of lunch. Rodriguez had this type of role in the American television production.

Finally, they meet Secondary and main characters, who play a more relevant role in the plot. The first mentioned is -generally- a standard contract and Earn monthly salary between S/ 3,000 and S/ 25,000. On the other hand, protagonists with exclusive contracts, They can earn around S/ 20,000 and up to S/ 60,000 per month.

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Of course, the above are just off-the-record calculations, as none of the actors reveal how much they earn from acting.

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Nathaniel Sanchez and the reason why he no longer wants to continue in ‘Al Fondo Hey Sitio’

Nataniel Sánchez revealed the reasons why he no longer wants to continue in ‘Al fondo hay sitio’, where he plays Fernanda de las Casas, one of the most important characters in the Peruvian series broadcast by American television.

In a conversation with Jesús Alzamora on ‘La Lengua’, Sánchez admitted that the decision had given him a lot of heartache and that he had been meditating on it for a long time, but that it was already clear and decided.

The 32-year-old actress said that she had decided to quit the series before its conclusion in 2016, but the financial issue made her doubtful.

“When Al Fondo Hey Citto ended, that year, 2016, I was already evaluating my resignation, ‘my collaboration with the channel has reached this point.’ Thank God it ends, and I don’t have to do the embarrassing thing of staying in a contract or asking for a renegotiation because I’m talking about an economic issue, an economic stay.described.

“But it’s not about the money, but I don’t want to continue, etc. I was ready for it, ‘Stay! We paid you so much because we are important pieces. I thought even if they gave me a million I wouldn’t stay. You have to prepare it because we are human and monkey dances by the hour for money. I knew he didn’t want to listen to me anymore because he wanted to do other things and had other needs.he added.

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