AFP: The Economic Commission presented plans to withdraw contributions

AFP: The Economic Commission presented plans to withdraw contributions

Intended to allow citizens to withdraw contributions of S/14,850 to the AFP

Wednesday, October 4, at Congressional Economic CommissionTwo legislative proposals were discussed regarding the possibility of withdrawal of funds from personal accounts of AFP. These bills PL 03585/2022-CR y el PL 04190/2022-CR.

First, provided Second MandalloFocuses on allowing voluntary withdrawal of up to 2 Discount (S/9,900)Improve the income received Deposit Establishment of Term Deposits and Mutual Funds in Banks, Mortgage Guarantees with favorable interest rates for citizens and creation of withdrawal scheme. AFP.

The second text supports Victor KutibaBased on the possibility of disbursement of up to 3 UIT (equivalent to S/14,850) In support of revitalizing the home economy.

Currently, only two proposals are under consideration CongressAlthough there are about a dozen programs that seek to allow a Seventh withdrawal of AFP funds.

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The Economic Commission Holds meetings until a plan is submitted Full And, if approved by the majority, it is sent Administrator for your approval or consideration.

In the past, the Administrator opposed the terms allowing withdrawal, but Constitutional Court Validated them.

He Economic Minister, Alex ContrerasA new withdrawal was said to be unwise rest It could have negative effects on our citizens and private investment.

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