After playing at Sporting Cristal, Martin Cadaruccio revealed which team he will play for in the future.

Martin Caderuccio He surprised Sporting Crystal fans after revealing which team he wants to play for after being in the blue team.

Martin Caderuccio After becoming the world's current top scorer, he is enjoying a great moment with Sporting Crystal. The Uruguayan striker is close to breaking 20 goals and has hinted that he is happy in the Light Blue team. However, 'God' has not ruled out changing shirts in the future.

The 36-year-old attacker dared to reveal the name of the team he wants to play for. Additionally, he stated that he would end his professional career at the club if given the chance.

Where would Martín Cauteruccio like to play?

In 100% game reports, Martin Caderuccio Will be revealed when the opportunity arises I want to go back to National Because this is the club that has given him so much in his playing career.

I don't want to put something in my head that I don't know if it's going to happen, but if it does it's good to go back to Nacional, the club gave me a lot of tools for football and my life.” Couteruccio said.

Later, 'Kate' indicated that he wanted to end his playing career at the Nationals, but that living in the moment was on his mind. Now, the forward is mentally focused on Sporting Crystal.

Sporting Crystal forward Martin Caderuccio

The main thing in my head is to enjoy where I am, to enjoy what is happening, to live day by day. It would be great if my career ends at the Nationals. I have a lot of friends at National and I can watch the games every now and then. I have many acquaintances connected with the club and the love for the club will last forever.“, he concluded.

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Cauteruccio advises on their match against the ever-ready National

Martin Caderuccio mentioned that he spoke with people at National to give them advice on how to deal with always being prepared at altitude.

I was talking to people at National about living up to that. Especially organizational issues, travel. I think the best thing National is going to do is go to Santa Cruz de la Sierra and go to the game on the same day. I have seen past national games. I think he has a team that can win against a team that's always ready, but he can't match him at height.” he pointed out.

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