“It's ideal” Carlos Zambrano

Commentator Diego Repagliatti revealed who “Williams Riveros” is playing for Jorge Fossati in the Peruvian team.

Diego Repagliatti Who Is Jorge Fossati's “Williams Riveros” in Peru | Libero composition

One of the uncertainties that Jorge Fossati has in the Peruvian team is knowing who will be the defender who will position himself in the center of the three line and act as a defender. Williams Riveros at Sports UniversitySo the player learned that the Baikal coach was planning to occupy the place.

Turns out the commentator Diego Repagliati Uruguayan strategist, he said It has considered putting Carlos Zambrano in that positionThat's why he's so insistent that he can start minutes at a club, especially in that one Lima Alliance.

“Zambrano is a player to ask for. More to the point, Jorge Fossati's headache is who is the “Williams Riveros” of the Peru team. The best to be “Riveros” is Carlos Zambrano, but Zambrano also has a choice.”as indicated in the plan 'Diego and Talia'.

On the other hand, the team member explained why 'Kaiser' did not go for training during his stay at Videna. Lima AllianceThis was due to the lack of permission from Victorian painting.

“Apparently what they're saying is that Zambrano didn't go to Videna because he didn't get permission from Alianza and he traveled with the club's authorization.”He revealed.

(Video: Diego and Talia)

If Zambrano isn't in optimal shape, which player will take over?

however, Diego Repagliati Maybe, he opined Carlos Zambrano Peru may not be in the best position to face the team's matches, coach George Fossati leaning towards Sort out Miguel Araujo. Also, he revealed that he thought about DD Renato TapiaBut he prefers to leave it in midfield.

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“I was told about the obsession with the center in the middle that if Zambrano is not there it will be Miguel Araujo. He likes the option of Renato Tapia there, but Fossati doesn't want to remove Renato from midfield, he is fundamental. In that position.”Punished.

Carlos Zambrano will play for Alianza Lima

After many twists and turns, it was decided at Alianza Lima that Carlos Zambrano will remain with the club and his contract will be honored through the 2024 season. Alejandro Restrepo.

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