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That's right! He Magic Water Circuit Parque de la Reserva is paying tribute to popular mangaka Akira Toriyama and is already preparing an event full of activities to commemorate the creator's legacy. Dragon Ball. Below is all the information you need to attend and celebrate their work.

When and where will Akira Toriyama be honored?

It is significant The event starts tomorrow, Friday March 15th and will be held on Saturday March 16th and Sunday March 17th from 3pm to 10pm.. Likewise, it is important to take into account that it will take place in the Tanguis section of the Magic Water Circuit in the Parque de la Reserva, located in the Girón Madre de Dios de Cercato de Lima.

Entry to the event area is free. However, in any case you will need to purchase general admission to the circuit, which has a price S/4 and can be purchased at the venue's individual box office or through its TicketsLima website. “With this tribute we want to highlight the great talent of Akira Toriyama and give Dragon Ball fans an unforgettable experience”said Claudia Ruiz, General Manager of Emilima.

Find out all about Magic Water Circuit's tribute to Akira Toriyama. Image: Magic Water Circuit

What are the measures taken?

Throughout its three days, Tribute to Akira Toriyama will offer various activities to its participants. For example, there will be different entertainment programs every day. Additionally, There will be karaoke and performances by bands and singersPower Anime, Origami Band, Karen GL, Perioska and more will sing the most popular Dragon Ball songs.

But there is more, there will be two matches cosplay. One for children aged 0 to 12 on Saturday 16th at 5pm and one for adults on Saturday 17th at 8pm, which includes everyone aged 13 and over.. Registration is now open until Saturday 16th before the event starts. Of course, they cannot miss the projections of the thematic exhibition where visitors can see the best moments of Dragon Ball and various items related to the anime.

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Son Goku, the main character of the Dragon Ball story, has grown up with his fans.

Who is Goku and what is his origin?

Goku Without a doubt, Akira is Toriyama's most famous character. It comes from anime Dragon Ball, which appeared in 1984. It was published in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and had 194 episodes until 1995. For the creation of this saga, Mangaka was inspired by the classics of Chinese literature. Journey to the West. So Goku has a monkey tail because he was inspired by the character Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, of the work in question. Both have crews that can be extended and carried on a flying cloud. Likewise, the plot of this journey where the protagonist has to meet the companions he meets along the way is also taken from here.

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