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This Wednesday The Congressional Economic Commission did not discuss it Projection of the Modernization Act of the Peruvian Pension System; One initiative proposes a reform of the pension system and includes a complementary provision for the unemployed to withdraw 4 UIT (S/ 20,600) from their pension fund. AFP.

The president of the commission, Cesar Revilla, explained to El Comercio that the debate on the forecast could not be carried out from where the task force met, “due to problems with the power of light and internet connection”. An unusual method..

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“Many Congressmen complained to us: Colleague [Jorge] Montoya, [Carlos] Anderson et al began to reveal that audio was not being heard. “We had to stop the session”Revilla of the Fuerz Popular Bench told this newspaper.

Revilla assured that the pension reform will be discussed in the next session officially held by the Economic Commission, due to the anticipation of the debate on the formula that allows for the withdrawal of 4 UITs from the AFPs.

When will be the selected date? Revilla noted that since Congress has a representative week from Monday, March 18 to Friday, March 22, they cannot meet to avoid meeting on those dates. “Same problem when we are in regions, connection fails”. Thus, The Economic Commission will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, March 27, a day before Easter.

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But Revilla indicated to El Comercio that the board of directors will be asked to advance the next session of the economic commission to next Monday, March 25, since a plenary session has been called for this date.

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“We are going to take the appropriate precautions so that nothing disturbs us and we discuss the proposal. This plan is for all Peruvians, not just the 25% with AFP”Considered as a Member of Parliament.

Revilla reiterated that while the program seeks to provide economic assistance to Peruvians with AFP funds who need immediate income at this time, the initiative is aimed at an informal EAP that “must have security for the future.”

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“After reading and understanding the entire formula, my fellow Congressmen will know that [el retiro de] AFP is just one point. And I don't have any problem, we don't take care of any AFP's wallet, and those who know the economy know that some AFP directly connected with banks will facilitate their withdrawal as they are only going to transfer products. . In analytics we have worked for the people.”The Congressman pointed out.

“The door [al retiro de las AFP] It is not closed. This time the Commission has seen, above all, the improvement of our financial flow and that our country can support the withdrawal of the AFP. But this must go hand in hand with reform. Today's withdrawal is only a relief.”Revilla pointed out.

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