Alianza Lima and the terms it imposed on Carlos Zambrano to stay with the Liga 1 team 2024

LÍBERO has learned that Carlos Zambrano will remain at Alianza Lima this season as long as certain conditions are met.

Alianza Lima will keep Carlos Zambrano on for the rest of the 2024 season, with the club reaching an agreement with the centre-back to consolidate the squad led by Alejandro Restrepo.

However, the game's administration has established that the Peruvian central defender's stay in the Victoria squad happens by meeting a series of conditions, and we explain here.

Play 80% games throughout 2024

The first concerns the field of play, because the 'Kaiser' was known to play a minimum of games during the season, and the other according to his different positions in defense (first center back, second or libero) because now the plan is with three lines.

Zero indiscipline

This prompted his near departure from last year Lima Alliance, the club made it a second condition that Zambrano have the right profile in line with the company's values. They do not tolerate past actions or mistakes.

Carlos Zambrano will stay at Alianza Lima.

On the other hand, another reason that affected the result of the close game area is that Yordy Vilces is injured and there is still no exact date for his return to the playing fields, i.e. Zambrano becomes a new favorite for the Colombian strategist.

Carlos Zambrano already trained at Alianza Lima

It should be noted that Carlos Zambrano He is already undergoing training in these facilities Lima AllianceUnder the command of a physical trainer Alejandro Restrepo. In addition, as learned, he will join the rest of his teammates in training starting on Tuesday, February 27, thinking about the fight against ADT on Friday.

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When will Carlos Zambrano debut this season?

Now the physical trainer is in charge Alejandro RestrepoThis is predicted to be the possible debut of the defender Carlos Zambrano cheater Lima Alliance can occur before Game Crystal By the 7th Opening match.

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