Alianza Lima: International lawyer presents CONMEBOL’s response to the blue and white club’s claim | Colo Colo

Sports law expert Marcelo B. Sellarez details what Alianza Lima will rule on Hernán Barcos’ disallowed goal claim against Colo Colo.

After Hernán Barcos’ second disallowed goal, Alianza Lima made a request to CONMEBOL Photo: Luis Jiménez – LIBERO

Alianza Lima faces Fluminense on the last day of the group stage Copa Libertadores 2024 Aiming to advance to the round of 16. A 1-1 draw against Golo Golo at Matute gave Alejandro Restrepo’s men some chances to progress in the competition. However, the blue and white were left with disappointment as they could have had a better result had it not been for a disallowed goal by Hernán Bargos due to Franco Janelato’s improved positioning.

Because of this, the Sports Director, Bruno Marioni In an interview with ‘Estudio Fútbol’ on A Presión, he revealed that the Victorians should claim CONMEBOL. And he noted that “VAR error” was detrimental to the final outcome of the match against ‘Cacique’. In this context, the international lawyer Marcelo B Sellares Through their social networks, it decided to give the highest response of the South American companies to the blue and white colors.

Marcelo Bea Sellarez gave CONMEBOL’s response after Alianza Lima’s statement/photo:

“Alianza Lima filed a complaint with CONMEBOL for offside (due to VAR intervention) that disallowed Hernán Barcos’ goal in the tie against Colo Colo. The request will be rejected“, The legal expert mentioned in his ‘X’ account.

Considering the response, it is important to point out that Victoria sought to leave a precedent, because no sanction was ever sought against Argentine referee Yale Falcon Perez or against the international commitment. Rescheduled.

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What did Bruno Marioni say about Alianza Lima’s claim to CONMEBOL?

The sporting director disagreed with the decision taken by VAR and asked for further action:“We do not accept what was decided in VAR and we have sent a complaint to CONMEBOL. We believe that Franco Zanelatto was authorized and we have the cameras to prove it. We want to set a precedent,” said the former Argentine footballer.

CONMEBOL released VAR audios after Hernán Barcos disallowed a second goal against Colo Colo

The CONMEBOL Official VAR audios made the communication official before the second goal was disallowed by Blue and White attacker Hernán Barcos. “The number 7 is ahead at the moment of the pass. Then reverse the decision. Running offside on the line against the line.” It was determined.

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