Alianza Lima’s Marco Ciurlisa explains Valdir Sanz’s unusual reaction to Hernan Bargos’ goal: “No one scored it”

Former Alianza Lima player Marco Ciurlisa explains how Valdir Sanz’s reaction to Hernán Bargos’ second goal against Biñanal was.

Marko Ciurlizza told how Waldir Sáenz responded to Hernán Barcos’ goals | Libero composition

Hernan Barcos Alianza Lima secured a 2-1 double win against Binacional in Juliaca on Matchday 17 of the 2023 Liga 1 Clausura. such as Voltaire sansLa Victoria’s historical achievement, as he commented Marco Ciurlisa.

It all started as a journalist Peter Arevalo He pointed out when the team was playing Mauricio LauriaraHe was with Voltaire Chance for the Leontas Cup at La Videna. Hernan BarcosThe historic record holder jumped for joy.

“Valdir Sanz was on the bench with me because he was sent off, we were watching the Alianza Lima game, when people say Alianza’s goal, we ask whose goal it is, they tell us Barcos’ goal, he said well Sangu..” , He said between laughs.

however, Marco Ciurlisa Decided to intervene in the statement made by the said communicant and the fact is Valdir revealed that no one meant ‘pirate’.. “I was in the middle of the game and I heard ‘Negro’ Galvan say nobody marked him.”He insisted.

(VIDEO: Under Pressure)

Hernán Barcos is in the history of Alianza Lima

Let us remember that Hernán Barcos is already in the history of Alianza Lima Not only was he the club’s all-time top scorer from abroad, but he also managed to win the championship twice with the Victorian institution.

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