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‘Welcome Afternoon’ It was one of the most entertaining competition shows on Peruvian television, an icon for an entire generation. He hosted the show at a time when ‘Porattam’ and ‘It’s War’ had consolidated audiences. Laura Huarcayo‘Carlota’ and ‘Niño Alfredito’, attracted audiences who enjoyed its fun matches and the humor of its members.

However, on December 31, 2015, the end of this era was announced. Although many regretted this decision, they accepted it. Almost 10 years have passed since then, and many young people of that generation remember the camaraderie and joy of the participants in front of the cameras and still ask for it back.

Recently, Alvaro Stoll, a current member of Los Hermanos Yaiben, was invited by Chiquivillo to the digital project ‘Tú Quiero Show’. During a conversation they recalled on ‘Welcome Afternoon’, the singer was surprised to reveal the mistreatment at the recalled Latin show.

Alvaro Stoll reveals his mistreatment at Bienvenida La Tarte

Although all the members are always ready to give their best on stage, the artist revealed that the production’s treatment was not enough. He even dared to describe this lack of care as workplace abuse.

“We put our soul, heart and life into that project, because it seemed like they weren’t even giving us water. In fact, that’s why everyone started leaving, because it was clearly labor abuse, practically.”, Stoll pointed out.

This way, he said, the drivers were the first to leave. He explained that they didn’t want to offer anything, so the members started backing off, knowing that the public wanted the show to air.

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“The first to leave was Nino Alfredito, the second to leave was Laura Huarcayo and Carlos Vílchez, they left because they didn’t want to give us anything, but in reality it was like that, they treated us badly, that’s why the project was ‘bad’, but “people wanted me to continue.”, The punishment was imposed on this television platform.

Good afternoon

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