Amboy! ‘Gate’ saves Cuban in huge jerka after break with Ale Venturo | Video | Rodrigo Cuba | Magali Medina | Magaly TV: The Firm | Showcase

Rodrigo Cuba He’s in the eye of the storm, just days after his split with Ale Venturo was confirmed, the footballer was caught by ‘Magali TV: La Firme’ cameras at a huge party.

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In the pictures Magali Medina shows tonight, the Sport Boys player shines with a beautiful model who also happens to be a former Miss Peru candidate.

“What’s up? Rodrigo Cuba doesn’t suffer grief, he went to the party on his first weekend without Ale Venturo and had nothing less than a beautiful mistake with full confidence.”, the show asks in advance of the show.

‘Cat’ Cuba Returns to Solitude:

On May 30, Ale Venturo confirmed the rumors and admitted that her relationship with the footballer ended four months after he became the parent of a girl.

Shortly after, the businessman ‘Amor y Fuego’ spoke for the cameras and left the footballer in a bad light by pointing out that he was the reason for their breakup.

Now I blame him because he was angry and nothing can be done. I idealized him so much, (you were so supportive of him) Hey! I was at the worst moment of his life… You never know who you’re dealing withAle Venturo is heard saying.

At another point, the young businessman admits that he is afraid of ‘Kate’ Cuba’s family. “Father, that family (why?) scares me“, he pointed out.

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