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Ana Claudia Urpina debuts as a soloist with her own band. Photo: Composite LR/Facebook/Ana Claudia Urbina

After Jonah Libre ended, the singers moved on to other bands. The same can happen Ana Claudia Urbina, because proposals for working on important groups are not lacking. However, Piurana did a lot of meditation and felt it was time to launch herself as a soloist. Now, the 27-year-old is feeling very happy as he already has his own band and has created many productions.

Ana Claudia Urpina, who has participated in programs such as “America’s Children”, “Peru Has Talent” and “La Voz Peru”, knows that this challenge will be very complicated, since she has to divide her time between music, her communication studies. Audiovisual multimedia and her role as a mother. As he doesn’t want to be one of the crowd, the singer has prepared a different show with chorus girls and dancers. Also, he will be releasing his first unreleased song soon.

In an interview with La República, the former singer of Corazón Serrano talked about his new feature as a soloist, how he found out about the end of the band Zona Libre and recalled his musical origins.

“I come from a musical family. My parents, my uncles and my grandparents sing, but they don’t dedicate themselves to music. But I grew up in that musical environment and heard them sing since dawn. From my childhood, my parents instilled in us music, painting and everything related to art. That’s how the love for music was born,” said Ana Lucia Urbina’s sister from Sullana.

Ana Claudia Urbina spent a year in Corazon Serrano. Photo: Compound LR / Facebook / Ana Claudia

He passed through Ana Claudia and the Free Zone

A few days after the release of the “Ana Barbara Mix”, Joanna Libre announced its decision. Unexpected news?

—It was a terrible blow to me, because a month ago we were in full production of “Mix ana Barbara.” In fact, it was a surprise to every member. We found out the same day the video clip was released. They told us that the video clip was going to be released and that the group would no longer continue.

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“Did they tell you why they took such a drastic decision?”

-Reasons? I don’t know yet. They said it was the partners own problem. There was no fight between us, no. What’s more, we’re very close to the whole band: singers, musicians and the whole team. We still keep in touch till now, but everyone had to take their own course.

Are you afraid of losing your job?

—Thank God, I had many musical projects from well-known groups. Also, even before it was announced that Free Zone was no longer going on, I was already getting calls. Apparently, they had already found out that Free Zone was no longer going to work, and that gave me a nervous breakdown because my career was at a good point, at its peak. I was very happy with the band. On the other hand, I felt good because I was very talented, because bands wanted me to be their frontman. I proposed to be a soloist but managed by other businessmen.

What message would you send to your former comrades from the Free Zone?

– I will always admire all your achievements. More than friends, they (Jonathan Rojas, Jose Antonio Orejula and Jean Carlos Silva) are like brothers to me. They have helped me a lot and I have a lot of affection for them and I always wish them success as we have a very beautiful brotherhood.

– You were in Corazon Serrano, Pro Sentimento, El Encanto de Corazon and Zona Libre. Which of them did you feel good about?

In the free zone, actually.

Ana Claudia congratulates her former colleagues from Zona Lieber. Photo: Facebook Free Zone

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Ana Claudia and her face as a single

– In the end, how did you get the courage to start yourself as a soloist?

—After I was in several bands, I said: “I think it’s time to continue my career as a soloist, to let the world know my music.” I want to bring my whole life and experiences to the stage so that people only see me as Ana Claudia Urpina.

Was there anyone else who influenced your decision?

-Just me. I thought about it a lot because they proposed to me, but I said: “I think it’s time to continue my career as a soloist.”

– Other singers like Leslie Aguila also tried to be solo but ended up in groups. Afraid not to do it?

“There’s always going to be a fear, anyway.” This path will not be easy, there will be challenges and moments of doubt. But I have the opinions of all my people who support everything I do; Not only my followers but also my musicians have faith in me. With them I found the strength to keep going and pursue my dreams. I think I do that.

– What kind of music does your orchestra play?

– Of course, I love cumbia. I sing different genres because my grandmother always told me: “If you want to devote yourself to music, you have to sing everything.” I started with ballads, but I also sing criollos, salsas, merengues; But it was Kumbia that made people know me, and that’s why I stay.

How important was your sister Ana Lucia’s support in this project?

I can’t put it into words. Your love and support means a lot to me. My family has always been there for me every step of the way. It motivates me to achieve everything I set out to do.

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Ana Claudia Urbina introduces the band that accompanies her in her solo career. Photo: Ana Claudia Urbina / Instagram

What’s next for Ana Claudia Urbina and the Orchestra?

– Now I am in full force to show my audience that I am going to make them dance with my songs. I am already doing a music production and audiovisual as well. I have the support of my musicians, who are great professionals, I have backup singers, dancers: I carry everything. In my shows I do all kinds of genres: cumbia, merengue, salsa.

—Any plans to release an unreleased song soon?

– Precisely, I am in preparation to release my own song.

– When are you making your solo debut?

Precisely, this Saturday May 20th I will be performing with my full band at La Casona de Ancon starting at nine pm. Hope people have a good time.

How did Ana Claudia Urbina respond to the division of the Free Zone?

When Joana Libre announced their split, singer Ana Claudia Urbina took to Instagram to express her surprise and said she had a lump in her throat. “It is very difficult for me to accept this news”He said in an elaborate speech in which he thanked and invited the public to continue to support him in his future projects.

Report by Ana Claudia Urpina about the Free Zone Orchestra. Photo: Ana Claudia Urbina / Instagram

What did Ana Claudia Urbina say about Michelle Soifer?

On May 20 at the “Reggaeton Lima Festival” Michael Soifer received a mistake that spurred him on. Ana Claudia Urbina Condemn the mishandling of the “murder bomb” translator. “Every time we reject a Peruvian artist, we send a message of disrespect to our own talent,” revealed on Instagram.

21.05.2023 | Ana Claudia Urbina answers what happened with Michael Soffer. Photo: Capture Instagram

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