4K video of the space station

First 400 kilometers high At its location, scientific experiments are carried out in microgravity, which provides benefits to citizens Tierra.

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But not everything is science on the space station. Astronauts also live a unique experience: they can Watch sunrise and sunset of the planet from a privileged point of view.

In 2020, Astronaut Christina Koch In a few tweets (sent from space) he was encouraged to describe what it would be like to contemplate the planet from that height. On January 31 of that year, Koch posted a shocking photo Earth as seen from space Y American poet and educator Tracy K. Quoting Smith’s phrase: “We saw the edge of everything there: so horrible and alive that it seemed to grasp us.”


How about the 4K video released by NASA?

In recent days, the NASA Prepare a stunning video of the best views from the space station and it will last almost an hour. The Images are in 4KVery high definition.

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“Those who have visited Earth’s orbit and had the opportunity to see our planet from a completely different angle, This blue marble in space is very beautiful and interesting when seen from a height of 402 kilometers. If you agree, here’s your chance to see it. This ultra-high definition video footage was taken between March 2022 and March 2023 during Expeditions 67 and 68. International Space Station (ISS)Allow yourself to imagine yourself as a station crew member for an hour There is nothing better than looking out the window as the world passes before your eyes“, he wrote NASA With shocking video.

The space station will continue its operations until 2030 America, Japan, Canada and participating countries ESA (European Space Agency).

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Russian participation will end in 2028 ChinaPrepare their next space project.

How can the space station be observed from Earth?

The International Space Station It can be seen from Earth, from different points and times. For that, there are websites to guide you.

You can see the space station from your location at this linkCompletes your location data.

In Santa Fe No visible steps are expected from the station in the coming days.

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The International Space Station completes one orbit around Earth every 90 minutes.

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