Ana Paula Consort’s emotional congratulations to Paulo Guerrero after winning the Copa Sudamericana

Paolo GuerreroProminent Peruvian soccer player, managed to crown the champion South American Cup with LDU of Quito. The victory was accompanied by a special moment that moved more than one person. Sportsman’s Girlfriend, Ana Paula Spouseand his son, were on the ground Domingo Burgueño Miguel From Uruguay, watching this exciting match.

Once Paolo Guerrero The Brazilian, buoyed by the victory, took to the field with his girlfriend to celebrate the new international title that would add to the athlete’s successful career.

Ana Paula Spouse He traveled to Uruguay with his son, as a result of his relationship Paolo Guerreroto lend their support to the ‘Predator’ and Ecuador in this thrilling final South American Cup. Through their stories InstagramThe model shared emotional and happy moments during the competition.

The joy of Ana Bala It was packed when Guerrero’s team became champions. Carrying her child in her arms, she highlighted LDU’s victory on the stadium’s giant screen and said, “”“LDU Champion”.

Ana Paula Consorte excitedly shared Paolo Guerrero’s success.

After winning, Ana Bala He took the field with the boy to congratulate him Paolo Guerrero. The footballer, emotional on the surface, celebrated by shouting in front of the camera of his partner who did not hesitate to smile with this particular attitude. The happy moment was immortalized by the model in a video of the two of them with their son and a soft kiss on the cheek of the young female athlete.

Ana Paula Consorte and Paolo Guerrero joined the celebration. IG Ana Paula Consort

And, with great pride, Ana Paula Spouse He showed the awarded medal Paolo Guerrero As a champion South American Cup 2023. This sporting achievement is a recognition of the talent and dedication of the Peruvian footballer, and the Brazilian does not hesitate to express it.

Ana Paula Consorte celebrates Paulo Guerrero’s victory in the Copa Sudamericana. IG Ana Paula Consort

“We idealize and execute. I love you life, congratulations,” he wrote passionately. Ana Paula Spouse On his Instagram account, he shares a video of the emotional meeting between them Paolo Guerrero And she, it’s going viral on social networks.

Ana Paula Consorte and Paolo Guerrero celebrate their victory by kissing on the court. IG Ana Paula Consort

Through her stories, the young woman continues to share unforgettable moments leaving an audiovisual competition, such as her child taking her father’s medal and Ana Paula and Paolo posing with the enormous trophy.

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In this way, the couple proved not only how united they are as a family, but also the unconditional support they give to the Brazilian athlete in his life. This success Becomes a great memory for the model and Predator, marking a milestone in a successful career Paolo Guerrero And they experience a couple that will never be forgotten.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen it Ana Paula Spouse Supports industry Paolo Guerrero. On October 17, during Peru’s defeat against Ecuador, the Brazilian did not hesitate to express his irritation with a note. Juan Reynoso. Let’s remember Peru’s technical director decided to shoot ‘9’ before the start of the second half, infuriating the fans.

The Brazilian, who was at the National Stadium, showed his annoyance with a message on his social networks.

“It is better not to comment. Today I am without a lawyer, but win in peace (Melhor nao opinion. do sem advocate hoje, calada vencendo)”, wrote Ana Paula in her Instagram stories.

Additionally, a Peruvian fan jumped onto the field of play and evaded security to ask the Argentine for a photo. Lionel Messi. “Ha ha ha,” he wrote. Ana Paula Spouse With a video he posted on his Instagram account.

Ana Paula Consorte wrote an angry message after the game. (Instagram)

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