The PC industry is bringing its own and “accessible” brands to a tech-adverse environment | economy

In conversation with the management, the General Manager pc FactoryGonzalo Verdeguer, faced with a complicated situation, explained that the aim of the company is to achieve stabilization rather than billing. “During these first months of operation, sales results are within expectations. Sales Computers leading with +18%“, he pointed out.

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The executive recalled that market operators’ expectation was to recover sales Computers Until August, but that didn’t happen. “The market relative to 2022 will end in decline (this year). Because our basis is zero, everything is profit, so we capitalize the stock,” He described.

Sales of electronics such as headphones, video games and televisions also fell by 20%. Cell phone sales have also cooled: in September, they grew by only 9%.

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In that situation, PC factory Betting on affordability, as well as growth”Some additional valuess” and increase in-store pickup. Another strategy already being used in Chile is the arrival of own brands.

It is committed to keeping three of its own masks in Peru: Spectra (accessories), Gear (desktops and monitors) and Gear Gamer (accessories, monitors and gamer desktops). The first one is already on sale. The other two could arrive early next year.

Own brands offer the same quality as commercial brands, but at a much more affordable price.Verdeguer explained.

Next year, four stores are expected to open in Lima, Modena and the provinces, mainly in Trujillo, Arequipa, Piura or Chiclayo.Although we should be cautious because of the fear of influences from El Nino phenomenonsaid the administrator.

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Meanwhile, the goal is to open four more stores in Peru to reach its goal of having 10 stores by 2025.

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