Ana Paula met Consorte Paolo Guerrero and his lawyer: the Brazilian spent the night at the hotel where he was staying

Ana Paula Consorte met with Paolo Guerrero and his lawyer. The model spent the night at the hotel where the Peruvian team was gathered.

In June 3 Monday EditionMagali Medina He provided some of the images found Ana Paula Spouse In the facilities of the same hotel where the concentration of the Peruvian group will stay. The host wondered what made the Brazilian make this decision instead of staying at his in-laws’ house. Mrs. Betta.

According to the report Magali TV, Law Firm, Ana Paula Consort She will be accompanied by her three children and a nanny. Cameras Magali TV La Firm They caught her at the hotel restaurant, but it is not known if she ever made contact Paolo Guerrero, Much less if the footballer knew the existence of the mother of his last two heirs.

Magaly TV La Firme cameras captured the Brazilian in the same hotel as Paulo Guerrero.

project Magali TV, Law Firm He asserted that in this situation speculation about the relationship arises Paolo Guerrero With the Brazilian model, especially considering the dynamics of the team’s concentration, Friday, June 7, ahead of the date of the friendly match between Peru and Paraguay.

“Paolo walks in and we don’t know if he knows it Ana Bala It is installed in the hotel. “Everyone goes to the (team) room,” says the communicator, while explaining why the Brazilian is there and what she wants to achieve by staying.

Ana Paula Consorte will be staying at the same hotel as Paulo Guerrero will concentrate with the national team.

What did he advance? Magali Medina He knew that the couple continued to have disagreements. “They are constantly distant and do not speak to each other,” noted the journalist, who at the end of his note went to his room without an apparent meeting with the footballer.

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On the morning of June 4th, Magali Medina He has updated his information through his social networks. Along with showing the pictures, he announced the reason for staying at the hotel where the Brazilian was staying. Paolo Guerrero With the Peru team.

“Ana Paula spent the night at the team’s hotel and this morning she met with Paulo Guerrero and his lawyer,” the TV host is heard saying, while images of the meeting are shown. This report will be generated on Tuesday 4th June.

Ana Paula Consorte met Paolo Guerrero and his lawyer at the hotel where the footballer is focused.

In the last days, Ana Paula Spouse Y Paolo Guerrero They find themselves in the eye of the storm to start a new couple feud. Despite this, the Brazilian appeared on the birthday Mrs. BettaA fact that would have left the athlete disaffected, he pointed out Magali Medina In one of the latest versions of his project.

The spokesperson pointed out that the footballer did not invite the mother of his children to the celebration. Ana Paula Consorte noted this and indicated that her presence at the venue was a surprise to those present.

Through live broadcast, Ana Paula Spouse He categorically denied traveling to the capital with the intention of creating controversy. The model explained that the real reason she attended Donna Peta’s birthday was to surprise the family. “No. “I went to make a surprise, and I was bad, very bad,” she revealed ironically.

Although the dancer did not clarify whether her presence was well received Paolo Guerrero, Magali Medina He hinted that this may have caused tension between the couple. The journalist pointed out that Guerrero did not appear in photos with the consort during the celebration, which could be a sign of problems between them.

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In another broadcast, he also revealed why he deleted the photos Paolo Guerrero on his Instagram account. With the background of the program Magali Medina, Ana Paula Consorte He indicated that he was going to tell the truth.

“I’ll have to watch to know what’s going on because a lot of things are happening that aren’t happening. If they reach 10k, I’m telling the truth haha,” he said with a laugh, sparking more interest among his followers.

Hearing what the journalist said, the dancer explained: “I take photos because I want to, this is my Instagram, why toxic? I can’t get what I want out of my Instagram…” Similarly, despite having a strong personality, he clarified that he is not emotional.

Ana Paula Consort reveals why she went to Dona Peta’s party. | Instarandula.

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