And Mateude? Alianza Lima will change ground for the start of the Clausura

Alianza Lima will have to look for a new stadium while the Alejandro Villanueva stadium’s pitch is being worked on.

Alianza Lima Alejandro Villanueva could leave the stadium temporarily | Photo: Luis Jimenez

Alianza Lima has turned the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium into a veritable fortress, the championship won at the hands of Guillermo Salas in the final of 2022 and the opening match of the year, defeating Binachanel 6-1. However, the Blue and White will have to leave their home ground for some time ahead of the Clausura match.

This will happen at least at the start of the Clausura tournament, as journalist Carlos Benavente’s progress requires the re-seeding of mature grass suitable for winter.

The process will last about three weeks and will take place after the match against Deportivo Carcilazó, a fight scheduled for Sunday, June 11, the last day of the Apertura, where they will receive their first champion trophy. Competition of the year..

Alianza Lima plays at home at the Alejandro Villanueva de Matute stadium. Photo: Luis Jimenez.

If this deadline is met, Alianza Lima will not be able to play against Atletico Madrid for the first date of the Clausura in Matute. And you should see another scene. The idea is that they can already prepare their new grass for Matchday 3 against Sporting Crystal.

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Alianza Lima’s next match

Alianza Lima will play against ADT this Friday, June 2nd at Huancayo in the opening match on the 18th at 8:00 p.m.

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