The aira system will bring its technology to more than 400 ‘lamb software’ ERP brokers

Lamb software y aira system They sign this agreement with one purpose; Bringing data science, technology and AI innovation closer together Offering personalized policies and real-time portfolio updatesOver 400 brokers working under Lamb’s ERP, with 100% integration, can use aira systems technology from Lamb’s own operating environment.

In reports Javier Mato, CEO of aira said, “This agreement is very beneficial for both parties. Lamb, for its part, offers its customers a different tool that digitizes and automates a process that its customers currently do manually. Aira, for its part, is expanding its client portfolio and completing an integration process via API with ERP for the first time in the industry to demonstrate the capabilities of its tool.

work under Household, commercial and industrial branches (Coming soon Social), wind system Allows generation of more than 350 data sets for knowledge of the risk to be insuredaira 0 and aira 1 through their environment and the insured through their processes, depending on whether the insured wants to be involved
Assessing risk through a gambling process or obtaining data directly from a broker or insurance company without contacting the insured.

All brokers working with Lamb’s ERP can Assess the risks and your customers Capture quality data for subscription and renewal of their portfolios At the click of a button, due to the quality of data provided by Air Systems, products can be cross-sold and their policies up-sold. “LAMP Software is an ERP solution in the cloud that has been in the insurance industry for over 25 years, is committed to connectivity and innovation, and has brought proven Air Systems technology to all its customers, A startup revolutionizing the industry, By using its API”, he highlights.

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through aira system api and its process “aira 0”, Lamb provides its brokers with one-click and real-time access to data on risk and its policyholders divided into four modules: Information hazard identification, Information that zone identification, Information Business and Information General of the insured. All this data is automatically stored in the ERP, enriching the Lamb system for quick pricing of policy plans and portfolio update.

“If you want to go a step further and explore risk and customer information, looking for the best price to suit the customer, you are implementing what is already known in many circles. ‘Anger 1’; Gamified risk assessment by the insured in a matter of minutes Duration “details.

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