Anderson Moreira defined the eleven to beat Comerciales Unidos to clinch the Apertura title.

Cristal play everything against Comerciantes Unidos on the final day of Ligue 1, which is why we present to you the line-up that Anderson Moreira will use.

Luis Jimenez puts together a brilliant eleven to beat Sporting Cristal, Comerciantes Unidos | Libero

Sporting Cristal wants to beat United Merchants Apertura lifted the tournament title at the height of Cajamarca without seeing what was happening in the monument because of the huge difference in the score. Also, put your name at the end Liga 1 2024.

At Libero we tell you the limited eleven Anderson Moreira For this important match. Apart from the absence of Renato Solis due to injury (due to a meniscal ligament injury), the Sky strategist decided not to move the board and will repeat the team that beat Comerciales Unidos in Alberto Gallardo.

you know, Diego Enriquez will be the starting goalkeeper. This will be the former binational’s first game of the 2024 season and the coaching staff is confident in his ability. The goalkeeper, the club’s youth player, has the support of the celestials.

After this mandatory variation, team changes will not be made. The only doubt the technical command had was the entry of Martin Tavara, but they decided Jesus Breitel would continue to partner Gustavo Cazonati in midfield.

Cristal has a goal difference of 23, two more than Universitario

Big bets and hopes will be placed on Martin Cadaruccio. The experienced forward will be a key figure in the Sky Blue attack. Gonzalez and Grimaldo will be his partners in attack.

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Sporting Cristal’s eleven face Comerciantes Unidos

At LÍBERO we tell you the Sporting Cristal XI that will fight for the Apertura title in Cajamarca. The formation used by Moreira is 4-2-3-1.

Sporting Crystal Series: Diego Enriquez; Zilmar Lora, Ignatius da Silva, Gianfranco Chavez, Nicolas Paschini; Jesus Breitel, Gustave Cazonati, Justin Alarcon; James Gonzalez, João Grimaldo, and Martin Cauteruccio.

Sporting Crystal’s eleven became Apertura champions

Could Sporting Crystal strengthen in Clausura?

Sporting Cristal will look for ten players abroad to replace Yoshimar Yoden. The light blue team has an outdoor venue which they decided to use for the Clausura match.

The pass book will be opened on July 7. The Celestials plan to strengthen their squad to face the Clausura competition and win the League 1 title.

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