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Angie Arisaka Y Something like Pence They announced the birth of their first child. This event, as expected, surprised his fans and congratulated him through various social networks. However, a video featuring ex-Esto S. Guevara created concern among netizens. Here we tell you what exactly happened and why it created so much controversy.

It was an emotional moment starring Angie Arizaga and it left her followers worried

Pence recorded Arisaka in a very emotional moment. She was crying for no apparent reason, so her partner asked her what was going on. “Why are you crying from somewhere? “Why?” Pence asked her.

Jasmine Pinedo's ex-brother-in-law's reaction was to laugh softly at what just happened. “There are so many emotions. Everything is so good. I love that it's with you,” Pence wrote in the publication, suggesting that Angie will be very sensitive about this new phase she's going through.

What are Angie Arisaka's desires during pregnancy? Jota Pence reveals it in a tender video

Ever since Angie Arizaga and Jota Benz announced their pregnancy, the couple has been sharing details about this new phase in their lives. One of the aspects they revealed was the desires experienced by the expectant mother.

Among them, the desire for fresh juice stands out, preferably natural and unpackaged, as revealed in a video shared by the couple. This longing seems to have continued ever since Arisaka heard the news showing her preference for healthy, natural options during her pregnancy.

In addition to cravings for certain foods, Angie Arizaga has shared pictures of significant moments since finding out about her pregnancy. One of them shows the expectant mother enjoying a day at the beach, where she describes sleeping a lot, suggesting possible changes in her sleep habits since the pregnancy began.

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These intimate expressions allow their followers to share in the couple's joy and engage in this exciting chapter of their lives.

What is known about Angie Arizaga's pregnancy?

Model Angie Arizaga has announced a sweet pregnancy after confirming her pregnancy with former “reality” boyfriend Jota Benz, with whom she has been in a three-year relationship.

Through her social networks, the current contestant of “The Great Chef: Famous” expressed her excitement about the child she will conceive.

“The passing blessing cheers me up and fills me with joy to think that I have within me the result of the great love I have with Jodha,” Angie wrote.

In turn, Negrita, famous for “It's War,” shared her fears about the new phase she was experiencing with motherhood, revealing that she had tried to get pregnant on other occasions without success.

“You can't imagine how much I waited for this moment, how many negative tests, how many hugs telling me to be patient, how many tears and pain when the test is negative, how much pressure from people I don't know. … to the point of giving up…”, she revealed. .

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