Return to Earth: NASA and SpaceX's seventh commercial mission begins its return

Four crew members aboard the International Space Station returned to Earth last Sunday after their replacement.

Eighth commercial crew mission by NASA and SpaceX to the International Space Station (ISS). Photo: Screenshot/EFE

This Monday, Four crew members of the seventh commercial space mission NASA y SpaceXIt is located on the International Space Station (ISS). Leave for EarthAfter replacing him at the orbiting lab last Sunday.

Space Shuttle Bringing Back NASA Astronaut Hamis Mogbeli; Andreas Mogensen, at the European Space Agency (ESA); Satoshi Furukawa of Japanese agency Java and Konstantin Borisov of Russian agency Roscosmos, Scheduled to take off from ISS at 11:05, United States time (15.00 GMT) and It will reach Earth at 5:35 on Tuesday (9:35 GMT) on the Florida coast.

The eighth manned commercial mission to the International Space Station (ISS) from NASA and SpaceX took off this Sunday from Florida. Video: EFE.

The four passengers who have traveled on the space station since the end of last August, They were released last Sunday by a SpaceX Crew-8 commercial missionThese include NASA astronauts Matthew Dominique, Michael Barrett and Jeanette Epps, and astronaut Alexander Grebenkin.

It was Eighth cycle flight with a new crewY Ninth human spaceflight in a spacecraft SpaceX Dragon to the International Space Station as part of the Commercial Crew Program (CCP).

The departure of the eighth manned commercial mission is the relief of astronauts aboard the ISS.  Photo: Screenshot/EFEThe departure of the eighth manned commercial mission is the relief of astronauts aboard the ISS. Photo: Screenshot/EFE

Galaxy, universe.  Photo: Unsplash

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A new commercial flight to space

The arrival of the four-astronaut relief on the ISS is the ninth mission sent by the Commercial Crew Program. These commercial flights They allowed the United States to repatriate crew members from American soil, beginning in 2020After the shuttle program was canceled in 2011.

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After the last flight of the space shuttle Atlantis into Earth orbit in 2011, NASA was forced to use only Russian launch systemsLike the Soyuz that helps put its astronauts into orbit.

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