Arequipa: Omar Candia, former mayor of Arequipa, acquitted of corruption case despite being on the run | Judiciary | Supreme Court | LRSD | principle

Candia Aguilar served as the former provincial mayor of Arequipa. Photo: Composition LR / Jazmín Ceras / El Peruano

Supreme Court acquitted Omar Candia Aguilar, the former mayor of Arequipa, was convicted of corruption. The former mayor has been a fugitive from justice since he was sentenced to 6 years in prison on November 18, 2022. In 2023, his lawyers appealed against his conviction Collective crime.

Candia, along with two other former officials identified as Reynaldo Díaz Silo and José Luis Ríos Sánchez, were tried for conspiracy. After the resolution read by the judiciary, the said ex-officers were declared guilty. Gandiya, despite being a fugitive from justice, was acquitted. All involved were placed on Peru's most wanted list and a S/20,000 reward was offered for the location of the former mayor.

Arequipa: What is the corruption scandal involving Omar Gandia?

In 2022, the politician was sentenced to 6 years in prison for improperly purchasing 40 video surveillance cameras in 2012. At that time, Candia Selva served as the mayor of Alegre District. In his conviction, 'Chatito Sempader' made these purchases and directed them improperly.

The fee for all this equipment was over S/2,000,000. According to the Special Chamber for Asset Forfeiture, the first instance judge, Eddie Leva, ruled under the principle of solidarity. This was also based on the request of the General Ministry.

During the sentencing, the magistrate also ordered the Mayor to be disqualified from public office for 3 years. The government was then ordered to pay over Sh600,000 in compensation.

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