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Speed Artificial intelligence Generative AI — which uses advanced neural networks and algorithms to create original content from existing data — scares experts and non-experts alike. We know that more than a thousand top businessmen, intellectuals and researchers are related to it Technology They have signed an open letter asking them to slow down their growth for six months. This is due to the enormous risks this technology poses and the high probability that it will escape “our control” at some point.

The resignation of Geoffrey Hinton as Google’s vice president of engineering also raised alarm bells. The scientist declared that he wanted to dedicate himself to warning about the “dark reverse”. I.A, he told the “New York Times”. Dedicated to studying how the brain works in an attempt to replicate these mechanisms in computers, he developed the concept of neural networks in 1972, which is the basis of research. I.A. He believes that how much we should try to cultivate this today TechnologyLike making sure it’s safe.

It is true that this is the first Technology It has the ability to evolve automatically without the help of a human and sometimes, it can predict where it will progress. But AI is a very powerful tool in science and medicine. In that way, the danger It may also lie in not exploiting the potential of a Technology Improve the accuracy of clinical diagnosis and close access gaps at a fraction of the current cost.

In early April, the prestigious journal “Nature” published a randomized and blinded study (the first of its kind Technology) to assess how accurate AI is by evaluating echocardiograms, a type of imaging that makes it possible to diagnose heart disease. The study, created by a multidisciplinary team at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, asked cardiologists to rate the initial assessment of these images, but some were performed by ultrasound technicians and others by AI. Doctors cannot distinguish between those made by AI and those made by a real person. Additionally, they proposed revisions to these diagnoses: 16.8% of estimates I.A and 27.2% for human technicians.

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The above said Technology This will change the work of experts because an expert’s judgment is always needed. But it will save time, reduce costs and improve deterrence. as I.A Capable of rapidly learning and analyzing vast amounts of information from medical records, imaging tests and scientific advances, it can help doctors provide better diagnoses and treatments. Used well, it will be your ally, not your competition.

“Can Artificial intelligence Treating mental illnesses?” asked physician and columnist Dhruv Guller in an article published in “The New Yorker” last February. In 2021, the expert drew attention to how mental health-focused digital ‘startups’ raised over USD 5 billion in venture capital in the US alone. It’s no accident, he explained: One in five American adults suffers from mental illness. Also, while suicide rates have declined worldwide since the 1990s, they have increased by a third in the United States.

So can artificial minds heal real people? Culler noted how the worlds of psychiatry, therapy, information, and information Technology Consumption is concentrated in the apps we use every day to calm emotional turmoil. Programmers, psychiatrists and startup founders are involved in designing systems I.A To analyze medical histories and therapy sessions in hopes of diagnosing, treating, and predicting mental illness.

For example, applications supported by I.A, provides automated mental health support with a cognitive-behavioral approach. These types of therapies, which seek to change people’s negative thought patterns, require constant and continuous attention. It’s very hard to find that in the “real” world. In Peru, there are approximately 100,000 psychologists. Given the size of its population, it needs at least three times that. But even if we reach that number, no therapist can be with their patient all day, every day. Additionally, many people who need care live in areas where mental health professionals are not available. In fact, more than half of the country’s psychologists are based in Lima, most of whom work in the private sector.

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It is clear that it is very complicated Technology, its benefits and potential are many, but so are its risks. The I.A Technology faces the greatest challenges in our history because we cannot foresee them. It is important to discuss how management can adapt to these new realities. But let’s not shoot the robot. Let’s see and put limits on the creator. And that’s where the problem always lies: not in TechnologyBut in practice we do that.

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