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In football nothing is said until the last minute and a goal can completely change the panorama of the result. Today Melgar He enjoyed his moment with an aggravating circumstance. The ‘red and black’ are still stagnant in the standings and when they win (thanks to Bernardo Cuesta’s goal), union He delivered a wrestling chair and was able to match Herve Gumbo’s header on the hour.

A tour took place at the Carlos Vidare Stadium in Tarapoto. Unión Comercio and Melgar were measured with the likes of moving out of the last places and starting to appear mid-table in the Apertura competition. The locals had more dangerous plays but efficiency was not on their side.

The first half was dangerous on both fronts. The anxiety of getting up on the scoreboard gripped every team in some division. Christian Neira was one of the most mobile of the ‘powerful Alto Mayo’, although on arrival, Bernardo Cuesta had already given traces of his scoring nose.

Precisely, the scoring started in the second half and the famous ‘Bernie’ appeared in the 69′, scoring the first of the game after a series of passes. The striker received a pass from D’Arrigo, who slotted in and fired Arequipa into the game.

Melkar’s victory looked like clinching the key score. Mariano Soso’s dismissal seems to have ‘moved’ the team as it was a fortuitous act. The 96′ of the game ran and Union Comercio was already desperate for a tie.

A set piece was key in the game as he saw a cross towards Marlon de Jesus who was well placed and connected with a header. Cáceda responded in a great way, however he made a comeback. Gumbo found the ball, thus marking the final equalizer and much to the delight of the locals.

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Both the teams did not play well in the current match as the match ended 1-1. Melgar remain in 16th place with 12 points, while Union Comercio is in 15th place with 14 points.The next day they play against Sport Boys and Sporting Crystal respectively.

Union Vs. Melgar: alignments and incidents

Before that, ‘Powerful’ fell to Alianza Lima in Tarapoto. Highlights from Gino Peruzzi and Hernan Bargos (2) left the ‘Blue and Whites’ with three points on the day. Marlon de Jesus leveled the score but it wasn’t enough to overcome the home team’s score.

In total, Union Comercio is fifteenth in the general table of the 2023 opening competition, accumulating thirteen points after twelve games played. These numbers were obtained after four wins, one draw and seven losses, as well as fourteen goals scored and twenty one conceded, leaving them with a goal difference of -7.

Union Vs. Melgar: Match Tables

  • Peru: 1:00 p.m
  • Colombia: 1:00 p.m
  • Ecuador: 1:00 p.m
  • Argentina: 3:00 p.m
  • Chile: 2:00 p.m
  • Brazil: 3:00 p.m

Melgar, for his part, comes into this match after suffering a terrible setback at international level after suffering a 4-1 loss to visiting Patronado for the Copa Libertadores at the Presbytero Bartolome Grella Stadium. Argentina won with goals from Juan Esquivel (2), Sergio Ojeda and Mateo Levado. Tomás Martínez got the Arequipa crowd fired up and scored a tie, but it wasn’t enough.

As for Ligue 1, ‘Domino’ won their last game (5-0) against Cantolao Academy thanks to goals from Bernardo Cuesta (2), Luis Iberico (2) and Tomás Martinez. Nevertheless, the performance of Mariano Soso’s team has left much to be desired, which is why they are forced to win at Tarapoto to restore their spirits and football.

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Overall, Melker is sixteenth in the overall standings of the 2023 Apertura tournament, amassing eleven points after eleven games. These numbers were obtained after two wins, five draws and four losses, as well as nineteen eleven goals scored and twelve conceded.

Where to look for Union Comercio vs. Melgar?

This competition between union Y Melgar It will be broadcast through Liga 1 MAX’s exclusive signal, available on the Liga 1 Play website. In the same way, if you have a DIRECTV service, you will get access to the Liga 1 MAX channel if you pay extra on top of your basic monthly fee. If you don’t have any of these options, you can follow the match minute by minute that Depor offers you.

Where Union Comercio Vs. Melgar?

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