Artificial intelligence predicts what humans will look like in a thousand years

Users asked Bard, Google's AI, what a human would look like, and this time, the idea of ​​the tech future seems inspiring.

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The Artificial intelligence Currently, there is a seemingly infinite source of answers to user-generated questions. These can range from a city's weather to queries that seem worthy of science fiction. This time, users asked the AI ​​what life would be like in the distant future and how humans would evolve.

Bart This is one of the most consulted sites by internet users today to answer these types of questions. For this reason, they developed a tool Google An idea of ​​what humans will look like in at least a thousand years.

It is only one Recreational exercise For futurists, at this time, technology does not have the power to predict the future and Solo is based on possibilities and ideas Builds by collecting data from already developed products.

Google Bart;  Artificial intelligence.  Photo: UnsplashGoogle Bart; Artificial intelligence. Photo: Unsplash

By collecting uploaded data, Bard recognizes that the human curiosity to know what the human future might look like has been maintained for centuries in many disciplines of science, philosophy, and art.

Before the advent of AI, humans could only imagine their future through books or movies or television screens, and in most cases they were not very close to reality. A case in point Back to the Future 2of 1989, Where is its protagonist, Marty McFly He traveled to 2015 and marveled at people moving around on hoverboards and wearing self-adjusting shoes, a “future” that hadn't happened in nearly 10 years.

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Back to the Future 2 of the Flying SkateboardBack to the Future 2 of the Flying Skateboard

One of the first responses from AI is based on the idea of ​​humans wanting to visit and colonize other planets. Humans have thicker skin and more lung power.

Also, Bard says, with the development of technology and genetic engineering, humans will be able to design their own shapes and abilities, which means creating a new type of people. Something like a movie “Kattaka: Genetic Testing”, 1997 In the not-too-distant future, parents will be able to choose what their children's genetics and abilities will look like through laboratories.

Kataka is a science fiction filmKataka, a science fiction film.

Artificial intelligence.  Photo: Reuters.

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What will humans look like in 1,000 years?

Regarding the human body, AI says: Troops Also increases physical strength; height Varies with environmental conditions; the brain May increase and improve cognitive ability; Radiation tolerance Finally, he emphasizes that other problems will be the main factor in colonization immune Increases, which increases lifespan.

Despite all this Bart Marking it with a certain certainty, there is no mistake in clarifying that it is a prediction that still, at this time, allows us to open our imagination and imagine. The future is still uncertain.

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