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Every time astronauts venture out on adventures beyond our Earth, they come back with interesting stories of what they describe as the “smell of space.”«. But what does space really smell like, according to your experiences?

For decades, this question has been around Recovery Curiosity about Scientists, Astronauts and fans Answers variesBut there are some patterns A chance to experiment This strange smell. Some describe it as Smells like hot metalevokes images Newly wrought iron or machinery in operation. Others compare the smell to burnt meat, which reminds us of an aroma Combustion And this Decomposition. There are those who do They perceive very subtle cuesA similar one burning nuts, And Sweet smell Y Grilled It fades quickly Great place.

But why does space have this particular smell?

Scientists have Theoretical Many hypothesis Explain this Madness. One of them suggests Stars and many others bodies the sky Free compounds Chemicalssuch as Hydrocarbons Aromatic polycyclicsWhen it interacts with the vacuum of space can create this unique scent. This is Moleculesis in the mix Many starsIt can be carried into space by the solar wind and others events AstronomyIt gives the feeling that these astronauts describe.


Others theory pointing at him Oxygen is in Space. Although found in the vacuum of the universe in the form of oxygen A moleculeLos Astronauts They carry oxygen Diatomic in their suits and spacecraft. When this oxygen is released and binds to other elements, it can form A burning smellSame as described Some astronauts. This hypothesis may be interesting to us because space may smell Effect of interactions between terrestrial oxygen and the space environment.

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FUENTE: Space water

What you are about to read may seem unbelievable, but scientists are very impressed by this smell. Proposed to imitate the mysterious smell of space. In 2008A group Professional chemists undertook a strange task: to recreate this unique scent Laboratory. After Abundant Experiments Y EvidenceThey managed to create a A scent able to imitate the essence of spaceOr at least the astronauts' opinion. This is how it was born “Space Water«, inspired by a perfume The fragrance of the universe.

It didn't take long for this innovative product to catch on General attention. The desire to know what space smells like, with its strange and vivid aroma, “Space Water” It has already been sold to the public.

Finally, though hypothesis And this Principles Abundantly, The true We don't have one yet Final answer It's about what it really is Smell the place. However, thanks to the brave astronauts and Brilliant scientistsWe may come a little closer to trying to give it away Answer this question.

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