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You may have experienced the feeling that when it rains in your city, everything seems dull and less likely to leave the house if you don't like the weather. In contrast, when the sun appears in all its glory, the situation is completely different. I wanted to share with you something that caught my attention while I was researching the total solar eclipse on April 8. Not just that day Be careful looking at the sky without eye protectionEspecially if we live in Mexico, USA or Canada, but Rituals can be performed to harness the energy of this astronomical event. If your goal is to attract luck and success, let me tell you that your appearance is important because certain colors and elements favor it. Here's everything you need to know about the Purkinje effect.

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What to Wear During a Total Solar Eclipse

Energetically, a solar eclipse represents change and the opening of new paths. That's why certain colors are better for everything you want to achieve.

  1. Yellow: It will help open the paths to success and abundance. If you are changing jobs or starting a business, it is essential that you surround yourself with good energy. It is associated with joy and happiness.
  2. Rojo: Great for improving your romantic relationships. Also, it is a color that enhances and gives self-esteem. In many cultures it is associated with energy, passion and good luck. During an eclipse it is recommended to wear clothing, jewelry or accessories to attract wealth.
  3. Blanco: It is a color that represents purification, balance and peace in feng shui, so you can use them this April 8th to remove all kinds of bad vibes from your home or business. Light a white candle to balance the energy.
  4. Purple: This is a great option if you want to increase your creativity and open your mind. On the day of the solar eclipse, you can light lavender incense, which will help you relax and improve concentration.
  5. Verde: Symbolizes prosperity, growth and abundance. You can wear gemstones, clothes or plants for financial benefit. Carrying green coins to induce good luck during an eclipse is also an option.
  6. Blue: It is considered a calming color that represents peace and stability.
  7. Dorado: It is historically associated with wealth and during an eclipse some may wear items of this color in hopes of attracting prosperity and financial success.
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Science recommends using these colors: green and blue

Blues and greens stand out more when the moon covers the sun, while reds and oranges are 'lost' in the darkness and difficult to distinguish. Using a contrasting combination of green and red colors can create an even lighter and more impactful effect. These shades can be worn with clothes, accessories or by holding items in that shade. If you are wondering why, here I will explain it to you.

It began two centuries ago when the physiologist John Evangelista Burkina noticed that red flowers had a bright carmine appearance during the hot summer months, but changed to a duller tone when night came. This phenomenon is known Purkinje effect And to explain why colors look different depending on the amount of light, during a total solar eclipse like the one on April 8, the moon will gradually block the face of the sun, reducing the amount of light available. human eye

“What we see with the Purkinje effect doesn't actually happen. It's just our eyes and brain interpreting the light,” explains Snyder. Things in color are very dull (compared to) blue or green”James S. at the St. Louis Science Center in Missouri. Will Snyder, director of the McDonnell Planetarium, explained. .

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