Astronomers confirm extraterrestrial life on Venus, and this is what they discovered

Astronomers confirm extraterrestrial life on Venus, and this is what they discovered

After years of observation, a team of astronomers found signs of life in the upper clouds of Venus; It is the second planet in our solar system and is being carefully studied by the scientific community.

The finding, published in the journal Natural Astronomy It is linked to a molecule called ‘phosphine’, which is abundantly produced on Earth; As well as the presence of microorganisms, they are capable of surviving in oxygenated environments.

A few decades ago, experts decided to visit Venus because they believed it was a favorable place for microbes, and confirmed it in an ambitious race to find life on other bodies in the solar system.

Thanks to the James Clark Maxwell Telescope located in Hawaii; and Alma Telescope, in Chile; They were able to compare the data to find a major coincidence: the confirmation of this type of “alien aerial” life, according to the study.

Experts qualified that a phosphine molecule is made up mostly of hydrogen and phosphorus.

A testimonial collected by the magazine week, the discovery was actually due to an experiment done “purely out of curiosity,” Professor Jane Greaves explained to the RAS (abbreviated as Royal Astronomical Society). The expert said, “It is a shocked“Invention.

By studying the origin of these molecules, both groups in Hawaii and Chile report that while these are natural processes, more time is needed to determine if the information is accurate.

In March of this year, NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) released radar images cataloging 85,000 volcanoes on Venus. Magellan’s mission allowed us to appreciate these land bodies, 99% of which are less than five kilometers in diameter.

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