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Asu Mare: Friends”, the sequel to the Peruvian blockbuster “Asu Mare”, will be released on streaming four months after its theatrical release.

The Netflix platform announced the release of the Carlos Alcantara-directed title for June with a press release. In this note we tell you all the details.

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“Asu Mare: friends” release date on Netflix

The Peruvian film will be available on Netflix internationally starting Friday, June 2.

While earlier films from the “Aasu Mare” saga could be watched on Netflix, currently only the spin-off is part of its catalogue.

What is “Asu Mare: Friends” about?

The film is based on the story of Carlos Alcantara’s character ‘Kachin’ friends in “Asu Mare”.

After knowing the success story and love stories of ‘Kachin’, we see how Franco Cabrera, Andrés Salas, Emilram Cosio and Miguel Vergara try to overcome their economic problems by opening a restaurant in an abandoned house. .

The film was released in Peruvian theaters on February 9, 2023.

In its fourth week, the tape was viewed by more than half a million viewers.

Who is starring in “Aasu Mare: The Friends”?

The film was written by Razek Paragon, Renato Fernandez and Marco Rubina. Actors who are part of this cast are:

  • Franco Cabrera
  • Andres Salas
  • Emilram Kosio
  • Miguel Vergara
  • Sandro Calderon
  • Fiorella Luna
  • Jimena Palomino
  • Anai Padilla

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