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The political parties represented in Congress had two clear objectives for the year ahead of the 2026 elections: Restoration of Bicameralism and reform of re-election (parliamentary and sub-national). The first point — and part of the second — was approved in Congress last Wednesday, and the Senate has already begun considering names.

With bicameralism, 130 representatives and 60 senators should be elected in 2026. The main commitment of party figures will focus on the Senate, where only one requirement is sufficient: to be 45 years old or to be in Congress. Also, the constitutional reform opens up the possibility for presidential candidates to run as senators as well.

“This will present a large number of presidential candidates with the intention of approaching the Senate (if they cross the electoral fence). This is something we have already seen in the nineties,” explained former congressman Victor Andrés García Belante, who was part of two bicameral terms.

Adding presidential nominees to the Senate would allow party leaders to lead active and participatory lives in the country's politics, rather than disappearing from the public eye after losing a presidential election, as happens now. Only 2021 candidates active till date Cesar Aguna Y Rafael Lopez Aliaga This is due to his positions as Governor of La Libertad and Mayor of Lima respectively. The rest appear only occasionally.

If we analyze the requirement of having been in Congress to access the Senate, 32 members of the current representation can apply before reaching the age of 45 (the other requirement of the rule). The most vocal are Rosangela Barberán (Fuerza Popular), Alejandro Muñante (Renovación Popular) and Alejandro Cavero (Avanza País). In their respective parties, all are taking their candidature for granted, but said they are still undecided when they deliberate.

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By 2016, the Peruvian Congress will become bicameral: we will have 130 representatives and 60 senators.

– Coming out-

The approved statute divides the composition of the Senate into 27 members elected by electoral district (we have 27) and the remaining members nationally. Under this category, Podemos plans to nominate current congressman Jose Luna as a senator at the national level and former assemblywoman Cecilia García as a senator at the Lima constituency level.

In the Alliance for Progress they have profiled former congressmen Luis Valdez, Fernando Melendez and current minister Cesar Vázquez and former member of parliament Alejandra Aramaio. “For the Senate we want to bring high-profile names like Enrique Kersi”A source said.

For the time being, the party does not plan to nominate the brothers of its leader, Cesar Acuña, as they will run as candidates for sub-national governments: Humberto Acuña Lambaque for governor and María Acuña Trujillo for mayor.

Popular Action and Project to Rescue Historic Figures from Abra Parliament. Víctor Andrés García Belaunde and Mauricio Mulder have both acknowledged their interest in applying. “When a politician breathes, he aspires. “I will look for the head of the Aprista party list.”Mulder said. In the lamp, people like Manuel Merino and Edmundo del Águila Morot also want to reach the Senate.

If we talk about returning veterans, we have to recommend Marta Chavez, Cecilia Sacon, Miguel Torres and Luis Calareta on the Fuerza Popular cards. From the promotion of the current Fujimori, the current assembly member Patricia Juárez emerges.

Another former parliamentarian who could move to the Senate is Fabiola Morales, who currently serves as a councilor and is the general secretary of Popular Renewal. The party, led by Rafael López Aliaga, is also represented by incumbent Andean parliament member Gustavo Pacheco and current Barranco mayor Jessica Vargas, and current assemblyman Jorge Montoya.

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While at Avanza País, he said he wanted to add characters like President Alto Borrero, Francisco Tudela and current Congressman Jose Williams to the list. Borrero admitted to conversations with former Mayor of Lima Jorge Muñoz about a possible presidential run.

other choice

In 2026, Peruvians will elect a new president and members of Congress, but also mayors and governors.

Alliance for Progress

Frances Allison

APP sources indicate that his letter to the municipality of Lima was addressed to Francis Alison, the current mayor of Magdalena del Mar.

Developments of the country

Carlos Bruce

Aldo Borrero, president of Avanza País, said his letter to Lima was from Carlos Bruce, the current mayor of Surco.

We are Peru

Ulises Villegas

Ulises Villegas, mayor of Comas, Somos was called to Lima, Peru.

A question of quality and experience

Martin Cabrera, expert on parliamentary affairs

Despite significant changes to the parliamentary structure and budget, the bicameral reform was approved with little parliamentary debate and public debate. By the 1993 constitution, a legislature of 180 representatives and 60 senators remained. Today we start again with a sample of 130 representatives and 60 senators.

This makes Peru the tenth country to have a bicameral system. In Latin America, 10 countries had a council conference (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Cuba, Nicaragua, Ecuador, etc.), reflecting the desire for this organization in the region. The return to bicameralism in Peru puts the country on track to join 9 other countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, etc.) that already have bicameral structures in their parliaments.

How much will bicameral Congress cost us? Its budget should not exceed 0.6% of the general budget – according to the approved standard – which means a minimum cost of S/ 1,400 million. Although the constitutional provision seeks to maintain fiscal balance, it cannot ensure the quality and efficiency of expenditure by ensuring that increases do not turn into excessive expenditures for the government; It depends on the quality and experience of the candidates.

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Just as buying a book does not guarantee knowledge, a return to the bicameral model does not guarantee an adequate process of law-making.

The Congress we leave behind needs better filters and strengthening and institutional restructuring.

It is difficult to leave Congress after almost 30 years.

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