Black Knight, a Korean Netflix series, shows the struggle to survive in an inhospitable future | K-Content | webtoon delivery night | Kim Woo-bin | SKIP-Introduction

Black Knight, a Korean Netflix series, shows the struggle to survive in an inhospitable future |  K-Content |  webtoon delivery night |  Kim Woo-bin |  SKIP-Introduction

“Dystopian Series”Black Knight“In Netflix It has become the new Korean production sweeping the streaming platform. Based on the webtoon (digital cartoon) “Delivery Night” by Jo-Seong Heon and produced by director Cho Ui-Seok, the plot is loaded with strong social criticism.

In the year 2071, Earth has become a hostile place where only 1% of the world’s population lives. Toxicity indices in the air due to environmental pollution can be life-threatening, so providing oxygen and using masks is essential for survival. It appears here A famous 5-8 dealer (played by Kim Woo-bin), he must face the heir of the corrupt Cheonmyeong Group (Chang Seung-hyeon) to achieve an equal partnership.

One percent of the population does whatever they can to survive. The image of devastated Seoul is surreal! (Netflix)

In reports for Latin American media, including Saltar Intro de “Trade”Protagonists”“Black Knight” They expressed their motivation to act in the series. Young actor Kang Yoo Seok exemplifies the fusion of action and sci-fi genres: “When I read the script, I was really excited about how it would play out on screen. We have an amazing cast, so I wanted to join in.”

For his part, Song Seung Heon said that Director Cho contacted him during the pre-production stage. “When I heard the story I was mesmerized by Webtoon’s world view. It’s about the oxygen-free desert of Korea and it depicts the conflicts between the people living in it, so I thought the story was very interesting,” he said.

The two have been close friends for 20 years, but it’s been a long time since they met, so the “Black Knight” enemy closes his eyes and trusts him: “I told him that any role he offers me is welcome and I’m happy to be a part of it.”

“It’s about a desert Korea with no oxygen and depicts the conflicts between the people living in it.”

Song Seung-hyeon plays the role of ‘Ryu Seok’, the ruthless heir of the Cheonmyeong group. (Netflix)

The power of CGI for a post-apocalyptic setting

“Black Knight” It shows a desolate, desolate and desolate world that doesn’t even see sunlight, comparable to the universe of the “Mad Max” movie. Director and screenwriter Cho Ui-seok shared the same vision of the world with the webtoon, so the series recreates the same essence, but explained that it should be limited to the cast.

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“There’s a whole huge network of characters, so I tried to narrow it down a bit to portray the more engaging characters more effectively. I tried a lot and I think they can have fun with this series just like the webtoon., said a self-confessed lover of apocalyptic and dystopian movies and series. In fact, those products are his inspiration.

A vision of an apocalyptic world where the Korean peninsula has become a wasteland. (Netflix)

Gets all six episodes “Black Knight” A breeding success requires a lot of effort and imagination. “I worked with the CGI (computer generated imagery) team and the production design team. They shared some paintings with me that represented that world and we talked about it. This is where we develop the idea further to make the final decision,” he added.

This hard work kept Cho Ui-seok under stress, causing him to gain weight. Jokingly, Song Seung Heon added, “The director worked really hard on this series. Looking at him now, he’s a different person than he was before the show started. He gained 10 kg weight due to stress. He’s actually very lean and strong.”

“I worked with the CGI team and the production design team. They shared with me some sketches that represented that world.”

Director and screenwriter Cho Ui-seok. (Netflix)

Are we closer to that dystopian future?

This question is one of the most troubling observers, as it has recently walked the unexplored path of the health emergency caused by the SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) virus. A pandemic that has paralyzed the world and held us captive since 2020. Forced to interact differently with the world and the loss of nearly 15 million people.

“I hope I’m not that close,” Kim Woo-bin said quickly. The actor, who brings young refugee Cha-wol to life, took to the floor to reflect on the similarities he saw in the series and in reality.

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“We all hope it’s not close, but I think it’s closer than we expect, because we live in a world where we wear masks (referring to Covid-19). Also, it’s hard to go out without wearing a mask on dusty days in Korea. So this I thought it shouldn’t be like this while filming, but there are opportunities to say that this is our future,” commented Kang Yoo-seok.

“I think it’s closer than we expected because we’ve been living in a world wearing masks (referring to Covid-19).”


K-content for the world

The cast of the show was very excited about the global impact that Korean content has had. “Because of the increase in K-content, I think there are more opportunities for many actors and creators in Korea,” said model and actor Kim Woo-bin, who plays the 5-8 delivery man, happily.

Similarly, the ‘Autumn in My Heart’ actor admitted it The musical influence of PSY and BTS is also important; But “I don’t think we should be complacent as the pressure to create better quality content has increased. I think artists need to work harder to make this Korean culture go further.”

If you love action, adrenaline and adventure, it will leave you breathless; you can see”Black Night” on Netflix. Here is the trailer.


What does ‘Black Knight’ stand for?

Day, legendary Delivery man 5-8 (Kim Woo-bin) He risks his life to bring oxygen and other essentials to the people. At night, he wages a tireless struggle against the corrupt power of the Cheonmyeong Group, an organization that controls a devastated world from the shadows. Ryu Seok (Song Seung-hyeon)Seonmyeong’s ruthless heir, his fiercest enemy, because his cruel worldview has no refugees. Seoul-ah (Esom)A member of the Security Intelligence Command warns that the chaos could spiral out of control at any moment, and Cha-wol, a refugee with a thirst for justice, is eager to join the fray 5-8.

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In addition to plenty of drama and jaw-dropping action sequences, there will be thrilling sand dune chases, spectacular clashes and one-on-one battles choreographed by top professionals. For this production, the director So Ui-seok He began to create an airy scene “Very realistic and dynamic” He said Webtoons Original.

5-8 While searching for ways to defeat the corrupt power that rules the world, Ryu Seok plans to fulfill his darkest ambitions, Cha-wol tries to become a vigilante, and Seol-ah investigates Seonmyeong’s sinister secrets. The stakes are high. Anticipation is growing to discover the vast universe of this new series.


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