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Terrible. Pocho Brito, the singer of Grupo Rio, had a painful accident during the entire concert. The artist was singing one of his best songs, ‘North of America’, when a curtain that was part of the scenery fell on him and hit him on the head.

As is known, this Peruvian group is one of the most famous in our country and has more than 30 years of experience, which is why they recently had one of the many presentations at the Vega Corporation’s anniversary. However, they never imagined that part of the scene would affect Pocho Brito.

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The rock group was playing one of their best songs when suddenly one of the partitions that were part of the scenery fell on top of the singer and hit him on the head. This fact was recorded by bystanders who shared the video on different social networks because they were worried about the singer.

Before this, Pocho grabs his head in obvious pain so all the music stops. The attendees were so surprised and some screamed because of the feeling that stage assistants stepped in and quickly helped the singer.

Fortunately, this did not happen to Major and the concert continued. So far, the singer has not commented on what happened, but everything indicates that he is stable.

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