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Panorama revealed yesterday that the President In Boluarte Condemned Register of National Identity and Civil Status (Reniec) He also claimed that he should be paid S/428,905 for labor expenses while he was a member of the company.

As recalled, the President started working for this institution in 2007. In 2015, he was promoted to head of the Surco-Higuereta Registration Office; However, in May 2021, he requested his unpaid license to contest the general election as a candidate for the post of Vice President.

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“What is more attention-grabbing is that the Head of State is suing his former employer for authorization to pay him bonuses, holidays, taxis, uniforms, Christmas baskets, etc. Half a million soles”The report indicated.

In this regard, Avansa Boyce Member of Legislative Assembly, Norma YaroConsidering we’re in an economic recession, Boluarte described Renick’s demand for almost half a million soles as outrageous.

“Well, the truth is, these are things that take away the structure of a person who is the highest authority in the state. “You should be ashamed to be the least depressed person knowing that we’re going through a recession”He questioned.

The Congresswoman said she believes she will be the Chief Minister Alberto Otterola “A Little Light” Back to the Head of State and his request.

“That’s outrageous”Boluarte insisted after mentioning that he “He applied with a trick” To Reneeke.

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Norma Yarrow asked President Dina Boluarte to stand up against the allegations involving her brother, Nicanor Boluarte | Photo: EFE/EPA/JOHN G. MABANGLO

We go from ‘Sarradia’ to ‘Hermanissimo’

At another point, the Congresswoman spoke about the ongoing complaints against the President’s brother. Nicanor PolwarteAnd though he was not a public official, his influence in some government institutions is said to be.

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“I don’t know if we’ve gone from ‘sarretia’ to ‘hermanissimo.’ It seems ugly to me. “When you’re an officer one can have relatives, but they have to be far away from you, they don’t have to be involved.”After mentioning that he said Commission of Inquiry He should quote the President’s brother with authority and force.

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The mayor of Nanjog’s Cajamarca district, a Congresswoman, also described it as extreme. Nixon Hoyos GallardoNicanor has benefited from a S/20 million budget item after his meeting with Boluiarte.

In that regard, he asked the President to show face to all these complaints involving his brother.

“What happened to Nigan (Boluarte) is very serious and Tina Boluarte, when he travels and quickly asks for permission, should come forward to clarify these things. “He who owes nothing fears nothing.”He asserted after describing the head of state’s brother as a shadow adviser.

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