Bonus 200 thousand AFP 2023 | When is it paid and who are the beneficiaries?

He Bonus with Tax FeeAlways know Complementary bonus oh Bonus 200 thousand AFP, is an initiative promoted by the Chilean government for those who have a zero balance in their pension fund after the first, second and third withdrawal of 10% from the AFPs. He 200k AFP bonus will not be available in 2023.

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As of March 31, 2021, the assistance was provided to provide 200 thousand pesos or less to individuals who have zero or less balance in their accounts than the previous amount. A.S.

How to apply for AFP 200 thousand pesos bonus in 2021?

Defeated Let’s go This must have been requested by the contributor through his page AFPSo, you have to enter the website of that company and start the application process Tax payment bonus.

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What are the requirements to qualify for the AFP bonus?

One of the requirements is that they should have zero balance in their mandatory savings accounts as a result of withdrawals between July 30, 2020 and March 31, 2021. $200,000 As on March 31, 2021.

When will the 200k AFP bonus be paid?

A bonus of 200 thousand pesos can be collected Until May 8, 2022This is a one-time payment only AFP Depends on the respective user.

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How was the 200,000 bonus claimed from the AFPs?

Withdrawal 10% of AFP funds Understood the enabling laws An exceptional retreatUp to three times, from the funds of the respective individual capital accounts of compulsory contributions.

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The revocation took effect on July 30, 2020, the date of promulgation of Act No. 21,248; the second entered into force on December 10, 2020 (Law No. 21,295); and the third, from April 28, 2021 (Law No. 21,330).

From each of those dates, each withdrawal had a period of one year.

It is seven o’clock now Administrators of Pension Funds (AFP) Related to these terms and conditions, the 10% withdrawal procedures can be done completely online without the need to visit a branch (in this case only Run and the serial number of the identity card of the affiliated person).

This process was carried out directly on the website AFP Each person, in addition, branches of each AFP They treated their associated persons according to an established order in accordance with health measures and recommendations. Also, each one AFP Implemented a Call center.

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