Bonus 600 feet in Peru: which public sector employees receive it, requirements and payment date | Answers

The Peruvian government announced a S/600 bonus for public sector workers. The grant aims to inject liquidity into the Peruvian household economy and will benefit more than 562,000 people. That is why in this note we will provide all the updated information related to us Bonus 600 soles.


In September, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) Alex Contreras, Subsidiary Loans Bill No. 5997, which sought authorization to pay public sector employees. With the approval of the Budget Committee, the proposal was pending with discussion Congress General CommitteeIt happened last Friday, October 20.

Thus, with 94 votes in favor, four votes against, and four abstentions, the Republican Congress approved the subprime loan plan, which would provide a bonus of 600 feet. It should be noted that these funds will mostly be used for works to prevent the effects of the El NiƱo event.

This agreement and approval was taken after a consensus between the management and trade union groups in the country, namely the Intermediate Confederation of State Workers of Peru (Cite), the National Confederation of Public Employees of Peru (Conasep), and the National Union of the State Sector Unions (Unasse). , Confetep and CTE Peru.

When and who will collect the 600 Souls bonus for the public sector

More than 562,000 public sector employees will benefit from the S/600 subsidy provided by the government. The bonus will be awarded to employees attached to the CAS regime, the Civil Service Act, Special General Prison Life and the Diplomatic Service of the Republic. Additionally, workers of Legislative Decrees 276 and 728 will also be included.

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To avail this subsidy, employment relationship of public sector employees should be established from June 30, 2023 onwards.and they are duly registered in the Computerized Application for Human Resources Centralized Pay Record and Data of Public Sector (AIRSHP) or Electronic Pay Roll (PDT PLAME).

Requirements to claim 600 bonus: How do I know if I am a beneficiary?

Find out here what you need to take into account to be a beneficiary of Bonus 600 and collect it without any problems. Workers of regimes 728, 276, CAS, are beneficiaries of a bonus of 600 soles. Civil Service Act, special public life, prison of the republic and diplomatic service, in three levels of government. Check here what requirements you meet to access the bonus:

  • The employment relationship must have been established by June 30, 2023
  • You must be registered in the MEF’s Public Sector (AIRSHP) computerized application for Centralized Registration of Wages and Human Resources data for national government agencies and regional governments.
  • You must be a part of Ministry of Labor and Employment Development (MTPE) electronic form (PDT Plamee) for municipal employees.

It is important to point that out Certain groups of workers will not benefit from this bonus. Those holding administrative or fiduciary positions, as well as those who meet the characteristics of a public official, cannot access this grant. Employees with specialized occupations in the health and education sectors who are currently negotiating their claim statements are also excluded.

When will the 600 Souls bonus be paid out?

Even if Congress approves it for now There is no link or exact date to know when these payments will be made. It is important to note that this subsidy represents significant economic support to public sector employees and helps them meet their expenses and needs in these times of economic uncertainty.

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What are the requirements to access the new Miviwinda bonus?

According to the information Ministry of Housing, these are the requirements you need to check to see if you comply with the new Mivivienda Credit requirements:

  • There will be age.
  • Qualified as a credit course by the financial institution administering the financial support.
  • Should not own or co-own another house anywhere in the country.
  • A minimum contribution of 7.5% of the house value is required for the down payment.
  • There is no housing benefit or loan arrears from the state.

What Public Sector Employees Need to Understand

Public sector employees are employees working for the government and its various government agencies. In contrast to private sector employees who perform their duties in companies and non-governmental organizations, public sector employees work directly for the government at different levels, be it national, regional or local.

Public sector includes various departments and services including education, health, security, public administration, justice, armed forces. Public sector employees are essential to providing and delivering basic services to the people as their work focuses on the well-being and development of the society as a whole.

The nature of jobs in the public sector can vary considerably. Some staff may be involved in political decision-making and public policy formulation, while others focus on program and project implementation and management. Public officials can perform administrative and support roles to ensure the proper functioning of government agencies.

A key characteristic of public sector employees is that their wages and working conditions are often regulated by government laws and regulations. This means that your income and benefits such as vacation days and health insurance are determined by public policies and labor negotiations, rather than directly dependent on market supply and demand in the private sector.

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Public sector employees may be subject to certain codes of ethics and conduct and regulations because their work has a significant impact on society and the use of public resources. Public servants are expected to act impartially, responsibly and transparently and take decisions that benefit the public interest rather than personal or particular interests.

The importance of the public sector lies in its fundamental role in providing essential services and protecting and promoting the well-being of the people. From education and health to security and justice, the public sector plays a vital role in the development and functioning of a just and equitable society.

Despite their relevance, public sector employees also face challenges and criticism. Limited government budgets lead to resource constraints and sometimes reduced jobs and benefits. Also, bureaucracy and slow decision-making are subject to criticism and demands for greater efficiency and transparency in public administration.

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