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“We love each other so much, we respect each other, we love music. We feel like brothers on stage,” said musician Fer Olvera. manna More than 35 years since its foundation. Now, with chart success, numerous awards, more than 50 million records sold and sold-out shows around the world, the band is preparing to return to South America with its “Mexico Lindo y Querido” tour. Concert in Peru.

It’s been seven years since Mana last set foot on Peruvian soil, and although they planned to return a few years ago, the pandemic has forced them to reconsider their touring future, and recently Fer faced a serious illness that even ruled him out of the festival. After a long wait, the rock band hopes to pay tribute to its roots and let the public enjoy its talent with its next concert.

Ahead of their arrival in the Peruvian capital, Fer spoke with El Comercio, a band consisting of Olvera, Alejandro González, Sergio Valín and Juan Calleros, where they told unpublished details about the group, their memory of Home Fair (1993), their opinion on reggaeton and all of their current tour. Details will also take them around the world.

Mana has many stories with Peru, from when we went to the Home Fair to gigs next to the beach where we sang in front of almost 70 thousand people. Peru was one of the first countries in Latin America to open their doors to us and we miss them, we should have allowed less time to pass, but the epidemic and two postponed tours of America occurred. “Now we’re going to throw all the meat on the grill.” said Fer Olvera, singer and leader of Mana.

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“We have so many stories in Peru, good friends that we keep talking to over the years. We have the history, the parties we’ve had there, the gastronomy, it’s incredible. Returning to Peru means remembering all the history we have and realizing that Peruvians are part of our hearts. “We come with all the products found in the United States and Mexico.”Added musician Alejandro González.

About the essence that represents Mana’s more than 35 years of experience, Fer and Sergio Vallin agreed that the secret to the group’s success is respect and brotherhood, which is reflected in each group’s presentation.

“The most important thing is that we really love each other, respect each other and love music. “We feel like brothers on stage”said Fer.

“We have a lot of fun with what we do, the four of us love music and what we do, we love being on stage, we love being in the recording studio, we’re good friends. We’re like brothers, and that’s how it’s been since the beginning and we carry on with that passion in every concert. It’s a privilege to be able to continue. “He also added guitarist Sergio Vallin.

Will they bet on urban music?

Loyal to its rock essence, Mana has decided to stay true to its style and not be influenced by the current upsurge of urban music. What do you think about reggaeton? This is what Fer said.

We will not allow ourselves to be carried away by fashion, nor will we fall into the clutches of reggaeton. Our songs have a history of longing like ‘On the San Plas Pier’ or stories of betrayal like ‘Labios Complimenta’ or ‘Mariposa Trisionera’, don’t they? They are experiences that people can take as the soundtrack to their experience film. That has been our history and that gives us points in our favour It’s not a fashion but a proposition and I don’t think we’ll stay that way.”, declared as the leader of Mana.

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Among his next projects, Mana will release a new duet album “Noches de Cantina” in 2024. The production will include songs he recorded over three years with great composers such as Pablo Alboran (“Rayando El Sol”). , on hits like Sebastian Yatra (“It Doesn’t Stop Raining”), Joy Huerta (“You’re My Religion”), and Alejandro Fernandez (“Mariposa Trecionera”).

Manna in Lima

The group led by Fher Olvera will perform at the National Stadium in Lima on April 17, 2024. Tickets will be sold through this Teleticket. BBVA pre-sale begins Monday, November 20 at 10 a.m. General sale begins Wednesday, November 22.

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